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Ashtavakra Gita verse 5:1-5:4
5.1 “You are immaculate, touched by nothing. What is there to renounce? The mind is complex—let it go Know the peace of dissolution” 5.2 “The universe arises from you like foam from the sea Know yourself as One Enter the peace of dissolution” 5.3 “Like an imagined snake in a rope the universe appears to exist in the immaculate Self but does not Seeing this you know: “There is nothing to dissolve.” 5.4 “You are perfect, changeless, through misery and happiness, hope and despair, life and death This is the state of dissolution” Consciousness upside down Tail wagging the dog Are we in a circus as a clown Or simply lost in the fog We ourselves create the bubble The bubble of delusion Stagnation causing our troubles Imbalanced and in confusion The mind an instrument That should do our bidding But the ego glue contaminant Blocks the Divine within us vibrating So use thought by all means As and when needed For mundanity to glean Thereafter let its cries go unheeded The Universe and we are One in interconnectedness Just as in-form consciousness may expand to higher awareness If we quieten promptings external in a continuum of stillness No renunciation needed for all we possess is joy of wellness As for the famous snake and rope illusion We simply follow the scent Choosing expansion & rejecting contraction avoid delusion Ensuring our ascent Emotions rise and fall As well as change colouration Unabating bliss within being the all We sidestep ego precipitation There is no doing and yet the doing is done All coordinates on the Ferris wheel holding equal appeal Shedding conditioning of our past aligned with the Divine as one Our heart awakens as we begin to feel The shift within an automatic happening We stand still in an orientation of allowing In being becoming and slowly blossoming Elixirous in the flow the Divine nectar imbibing In a flow unending 28-August-2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Verse revisited on 25-October-2021 Simply stated Our heart elated In time stretched stillness Melding with the That oneness We recognise that the one is in all Thereby desires dissolve in a bliss squall Here, within this reflected universe Our soul sings the love verse Even as life dream plays Bliss in our heart stays The aspect that seeks Is ego full of energy leaks A bubble of thought imaginary So we abide in silence sedentary Moment to moment, thus divine entwined Living life internally, thus nothing to be divined Vaporising lower mind, becoming a bliss mist Imbibing soma nectar by ceasing to resist Mind-body empty shell magnetised In timeless time, God realised
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