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Light verse and nonsense verse Mini-Ode to Stamina by Michael R. Burch When you’ve given so much that I can’t bear your touch, then from a safe distance let me admire your persistence. The Trouble with Elephants by Michael R. Burch An elephant never forgets which is why they don’t make the best pets: Jumbo may well out-live you, but he’ll never forgive you so you may as well save your regrets! The Beat Goes On (and On and On and On ...) by Michael R. Burch Bored stiff by his board-stiff attempts at “meter,” I crossly concluded I’d use each iamb in lieu of a lamb, bedtimes when I’m under-quaaluded. Trump’s real goals are obvious and yet millions of Americans remain oblivious. —Michael R. Burch Cover Girl by Michael R. Burch Cunning at sunning and dunning, the stunning young woman’s in the running to be found nude on the cover of some patronizing lover. First Base Freeze by Michael R. Burch I find your love unappealing (no, make that appalling) because you prefer kissing then stalling. Paradoxical Ode to Antinatalism by Michael R. Burch A stay on love would end death’s hateful sway, someday. A stay on love would thus BE love, I say. Be true to love and thus end death’s fell sway! Less Heroic Couplets: Funding Fundamentals by Michael R. Burch Making sense from nonsense is quite sensible! Suppose you’re running low on moolah, need some cash to paint your toes ... Just invent a new religion; claim it saves lost souls from hell; have the converts write you checks; take major debit cards as well; take MasterCard and Visa and good-as-gold Amex; hell, lend and charge them interest, whether payday loan or flex. Thus out of perfect nonsense, glittery ores of this great mine, you’ll earn an easy living and your toes will truly shine! Less Heroic Couplets: Crop Duster by Michael R. Burch We are dust and to dust we must return ... but why, then, life’s pointless sojourn? Less Heroic Couplets: Shady Sadie by Michael R. Burch A randy young dandy named Sadie loves sex, but her horse neighs “She’s shady!” Shady Sadie by Michael R. Burch A randy young dandy named Sadie loves sex, but in forms fancied shady. (I cannot, of course, involve her poor horse, but it’s safe to infer she’s no lady!) Less Heroic Couplets: Just Desserts by Michael R. Burch “The West Antarctic ice sheet might not need a huge nudge to budge.” And if it does budge, denialist fudge may force us to trudge neck-deep in sludge!
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