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Sun Shower
A lone sunbeam washed over a sleeping face. Soft fine curls swirled over the child’s head. How lovely to watch a child in sleep, Refreshing, renewing, the promise of youth. Naptime was precious for this mother. A time of quiet, a heartbeat of peace This moment of miracles is sometimes missed. This rambunctious child, never still, never quiet An unending upheaval for all. Too curious, too loud, Worrisome trouble most time This older mother remained on continuous guard. This creature of childhood kept the household hostage Until the dynamo slept. A careful choice lay open, as the mother viewed the peaceful, ethereal, sleeping, child. Before the nap, storm clouds had gathered And the summer storm was sure to be wild. Blessed sleep had spared the child the worst of the storm. The mother sighed with wisdom, as she sat next to her child. A swimsuit lay with purpose across her lap. Have you ever noticed what is left behind After a loud, scary storm? While the wind whipped, and thunder pounded? The power of that storm stops everything. As all hold their breath. How does one teach courage, trust, and faith? What perfect moment allows that lesson caught? I remember when I was that child. Life had not yet become a race that needed to be won Between a mother and daughter that must be won. Appearance and pride were not part of this game. Just a terrible storm heading their way. Childhood is such a crucial time Playing is never just “playing a game.” The lessons learned in those early years Teaches that storms come, And may remain. But magically leave after the rain. I remember those moments as a treasure When Mother would wake me from an afternoon nap. “Awake little one there is a Sun Shower today. The loud angry storm is passing away. Put on your swimsuit and go play in the rain. “ Off I would run, unafraid of the storm. I ran through the puddles and the softly falling rain. Searching for treasures the storm left behind. Alone I danced, unafraid of the rain. The wet grass my beach, the wet air my ocean. Picking twigs and flowers that had covered the ground. The Sun Rays poked through as more clouds moved away. I scanned the sky for the Sun Shower to end. Chasing to catch one last drop to fall. I looked at the blue sky. watched the clouds float away. Suddenly it was there, brilliant colors in the sky. Blended like magic the colors filled my eyes. I held up my scattered makeshift bouquet In tribute to the gift of the rainbow that day. My mother caught me in a large warm towel as she smiled. “Always remember what a storm leaves behind. After the wind and the thunder go by. Be sure to go out and play in the rain.” Have courage, hold fast, the storm will abate. Watch for the rainbows. Trust in God’s grace.
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