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Today August 29th 2021 sluggishness dogs yours truly
Today August 29th, 2021 sluggishness dogs yours truly Forecasting to thunderous applause fast as greased lightning draws upon futuristic atmospheric gewgaws hot air emanates out these slackened jaws spluttering courtesy indentured maws armed with four footed tall paws gesticulations resembling horizontal seesaws. Humidity felt across every square inch covering these lovely bones, which pores will dribble perspiration bracing for onset when meteorological conditions spell utter lethargy, I unroll the welcome mat and present global warming! Every year I seem less tolerant when oppressive climate (specifically merciless heat waves) blasts one anachronistic, dogmatic, and generic garden variety weatherbeaten Homo sapiens reduced to torpid inert state. Central air conditioning quickly found this creature comfortably acclimated, who defies, contradicts, bumps uglies... up against rugged individualist, yet he meekly professes spouting ideal survivalist ethos admitting actual propensity as nothing else matter barely distinguishable traits differentiating yours truly among braggarts visited by the unforgiven sandman exhibiting all talk no action. Analogous to weather scorching the blackest soul, a similar aversion exists toward severe wind chill factor temperatures plunging mercury way below zero. When regarding conditions linkedin with extreme heat index smothering Perkiomen Valley, this bloke (residing what seems since time immemorial at Highland Manor Apartments) burrows when heart touched by fire into sixty degree Fahrenheit fella climate control mancave, thus adieu go doldrums figuratively strait jacketing yours truly no more. Unlike luxury to chill out (literally) back quite scores of years ago central air conditioning absent imposing grueling hardship no deliverance afforded tender vittle Earthling. When referenced human (me), he formerly (passively) weathered humid, hot, and hazy dog days of summer, during his boyhood at 324 Level Road. Said storied estate with manicured formal gardens lacked luxuriating aforestated amenity regarding cool (temperature wise) climate control introducing anonymous reader familiar or otherwise regaling modest literary versatility, whereby yours truly average bloke Fahrenheit dealt with temperatures registering bajillion blistering degrees. Especially upper level housing bedrooms about half dozen steps above landing suddenly experiencing indisputable scientific principle hot air rises undermining ability to function, no more active matter rendered lifeless, but rather equally inert think deathlessness as an inanimate object mainly cuz estate - complex edifice formerly christened "Glen Elm" built approximately turn of twentieth century abode - once encompassed one hundred plus acre demesne unfortunately long since razed (initially intended as summer retreat) preceding never incorporating said modern HVAC conveniences, now no modern building lacked fantastic amenities, plus ability to tolerate hardship much more omnipresent before yours truly racked quite numerous orbitz round the sun versus now, when greater sensitivity prevails, I admit pioneer spirit plummeted, and if forced to forego custom tailored environment would be immovable prey, for even the most harried styled counting crow king carrion, which admission would only present challenge predicated on severe disruption compromising being hermetically sealed, linkedin, cocooned... within man-made dwelling hardship analogous no name brand garden variety slug essentially homeless snail shell lacked with mew cuss.
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