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You are what I need
When you are in love, every single moment becomes a treasure to be wrapped and saved in heart forever. We move on, life changes……. but these memories bejewel our lives. They bring back the smile, they enliven our souls. People call it first love, I know it as the purest form…true love! Just to bring back your smile, I touch upon your memories…of course they are mine too. This one is about two teenagers who have studied together but then the boy, being her senior in school; goes out for further studies…they haven’t been together for long but their emotions remained entwined. Back after so many days.. happy and energetic. He wants nothing less than her sight. Yes, she knows and desires the same! My heart will pop out with an explosion. Oh God! I am so elated, can’t control this buoyant emotion. Can’t stop haring off towards her mansion. Panting and sweating, loving this haste in stride. 3 miles more…………pat me for this gallant glide! Cool breeze whirling and swaying by my side. Is it competing or giving me a ride, may be its craving for her sight! Cumulonimbus clouds morphing quick and proud. The hazy sun not worried of bumping into clouds. Chasing me! Follow me smart scouts! Yes, I am loving their effort to eavesdrop. Hey! I am tired but I just can’t stop. Another 2 miles before I drop my trot. I wanna be with her…no matter what! Vibrant smiling flowers seem to be aware! Oh my God! Pouring rain wants to ensnare! Nah! Still I'll flow in my squelching sneakers! Happy heart wants to roar, just two minutes more. There she is, standing at the door! Yes, she is the one whom I adore! Charming hug bait and her magnetic smile…I am melting, I am floored! Shining pearls in her eyes, peach and pink glow, Vibrant magenta lips… a beautiful rose in snow. You are all mine…I know, I know! WORD REFERENCE Hared off: to run rapidly and/or wildly. Mansion: large house. Stride: walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction. Gallant: brave and heroic. Whirling: characterized by rapid movement round and round. Swaying: move slowly or rhythmically. Craving: a powerful desire for something. Scout: person sent out to gather information. Trot: slow pace of running. Ensnare: catch in or as in a trap. Squelching: make a soft sucking sound such as that made by treading heavily. Hug bait: The process of opening your arms a little bit. Sponsor: Brian Strand Contest Name: ALL YOURS (Feb 26) Date: 24th February; 2021
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