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Heaven for Dummies, Yes, You - Hell Debunked
Heaven for Dummies, Yes, You! (Hell Debunked) You may think I’m all ‘Ego’ or ‘Certified Loon,’ but I pray you’ll consider this humble attempt to move riffraff from ruts, to unstick (maze stuck) muse through a monstrous attack on malaise of souls’ mire- dom (while weaving a rhythm with wit and with rhyme)! Some will ask why I bother with service, waste time on another (not born of my mother), don’t tire of this stone that I push up a hill of miscues, folks carry in sacks on their backs (1) (who’ve contempt for Christ’s fools who forsake milk, seek meat)? Who’s Cartoon? Can God gift ‘saved souls’ heaven who can’t feel its ab- sence? Do angels not share, not embrace God’s heart’s pain? Is your Bliss a green pasture where appetite’s bent or a sip of champagne that tastes more like a trill a lark bubbles inside? Which births source of Love’s smile? Might Surprise play a part? Bliss sports colors thought drab, craves denouements men grok? Joys purge pleasures to gain place for more? Is Love yours when you sin or repent? Is faith mustard seed dreamt of or samurai’s skill? Bliss IS ‘peace beyond reason!’ It’s LOVE, free from guile! You’re no better, no worse, than the demons you face though you’ve confidence Hell’s the one place truth gets found, and no good is inside you! You’re on the ‘right path’ ’cause God’s walking beside you, heart speaking to you! Your meander’s the flow all embrace on their own. Feast on this, friend! There’s naught you can do to atone, and to let Christ live through you’s the best you can do! No good deed proves your faith, much less saves you from wrath, for what’s good comes from God, not from you (so profound!) Hell’s you ‘saving’ yourself, Bliss the gift of Christ’s Grace! Brian Johnston 23rd of December in 2020 Poet’s Notes: (1) I’m fond of the philosophical idea that most (if not all) of the emotional pain we experience in life is self-imposed, a kind of mental excrement we all carry in bags on our backs, think important and play with at times. A mentor of mine, Brandon Poso (the Leader of ‘The Sage Experience’), was fond of telling attendees of his seminar, “Imagine I am your fairy godmother! I wave my magic wand and make all of your life’s perceived problems instantly disappear (is this your heaven?). Most of you would create an entirely new set of equally onerous problems for yourselves in hours, if not minutes!” He explained that most problems are not real, but a kind of entertainment, a trick people use to push boredom away. He led us through several ‘processes’ (aka group experiences) to help attendees experience this idea’s truth. The problems we carry in our bags are ubiquitous, not personal. Each of us has the ‘superpower’ to simply decide that the issues we struggle with in life are not real (or unimportant), eliminating their impact. It’s magic! Thank you, Brandon!
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