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Victim to Culprit
_Why is the question.... Why should I turn into the culprit when I'm supposed to be victim Why should I always be on the wrong Is it because the Bible says I come from your rib Is that why you're making me pay?? Was I at fault that I was created that way?? Tell me!!I need an answer Why am I supposed to be at fault when I get raped? The moment it leaks that I'm a victim of rape you always have something to say Like,oh I bet she was drunk Oh I bet she seduced him Oh I bet her clothing wasn't proper Oh she should learn not to go out at night...why can't I be free in my own country Oh i bet she made eye contact Why can't I be the victim that's not at fault..from the onset why should I be the victim...why can't you wait for my consent WAIT FOR A YES!! Why do you have to force me into something I don't want When I tell my momma..uncle raped me It's hush...what kind of child are you You want to cause shame to my family Keep quiet..not another word But why..why can't I speak up You know it's wrong Not like all that is enough When I get divorced They'll say oh I bet she cheated Oh I bet she can't give him kids Oh look at her I bet she can't even cook I bet she can't even satisfy her own man Y should I always be on the wrong? Why can't you wait for me to tell my side of the story When my husband cheat It's how can he not cheat,I bet she doesn't give him any attention anymore,I bet she is lazy,look at her she got fat now,but I'm fat because I brought his kids to the world..carried them nine months..atleast can't you see that..but I guess not..cause I'm always wrong When I get killed by my husband They'll say I bet she cheated Or I bet her obedience was lacking Or look at her she was crazy I bet she started the fight Why do I always have to be the culprit?? Is it because I seem weak?? When my husband dies I bet she killed him I bet she was only after his money Why Africans!why is that she is always on the wrong?? When I can't bare kids She is killing them I bet it's because of the abortions she been commiting She's always busy Chasing after money where could she get the time to make kids People!!why do I have to be labelled as bad ???? why can't you see good in me Why is it always "she" not "he"_
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