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Two Lovers VI - Paper Plates
Out with his boys drinking, feeling rowdy Special occasion Rolling the way they do His lover is not with them She stayed in for the night He misses her company But enjoys his time with the guys He'll swing by later A local city bar Not anything special Just talking trash like they talk Cheap drinks Fun The talk turns to girls and sex As it always does for young men Or old men They talk about their girlfriends Or booty calls Joking Borderline disrespectful The girls would think Nothing borderline about it A guy the Lover doesn't know Taps him on the shoulder "What's up, Man?" he says The guy says something about Knowing his Lover Compliments her Goes back to his boys The Lover hears laughter Suddenly this clown starts talking sh!t about the Lover's girl With his boys A few feet away the Lover hears it How this guy stayed at her house Was hooking up with her The Lover knows the guy is full of it He recognizes this guy now The Lover came over that night This dude was luggage Passed out on the couch Friend of his Lover's roommates But... She had acted odd that night Distant...nervous...not herself Ditched her Lover at a bar When he couldn't get in Went and sat out on the front stoop Taking deep breaths When the Lover arrived Out of sorts Said she was drunk and feeling sick He had always kinda thought if he Hadn't called and said he was On his way over Something may have been about to happen ...May have been happening? A friend told him he'd seen the Lover's girl Acting out a bit that night But that friend had always had the hots For his Lover And he didn't believe him She had encouraged the disbelief A few weeks later The Lover saw this douchebag With his fake muscles Slicked hair Grating accent Two hundred dollar shirt Three hundred dollar shoes Trying to hug his Lover She fended him off Laughing too loud Pretending too hard it was a joke And did not bite off his head Like her Lover expected her to Uncharacteristic She's a poor liar Too honest Wears everything on her face She's been staying in a lot lately Avoiding this dude? The last few weeks Avoiding discovery? Nobody that smart studies that much... Had he been freaking blind? Feeling like the world's classic young fool Anger boils Red vision His friends see his face They know the look The Lover is not particularly fit Or the biggest guy But he is a combination Bigger, stronger and faster than average Naturally athletic He grew up poor One of the only white kids In a bad bad southern neighborhood The other white kids all immigrants The rest all Black or Spanish Hookers on the stroll Crime Lots of street fights He got his respect coming up He knows how to handle himself And he has learned these college boys Northeastern rich kids From soft towns and soft lives Trying to sound tough With fake mafia accents These boys don't fight Unless they have a group If you knock them down quick Their friends don't jump in And just look surprised as hell They melt like wet paper plates When they feel the hands Of a poor redneck With an Irish temper The boy talking sh*t Melts __________________________ The Lover feels something turn in him Tonight, she's just his girlfriend Not his Lover He's just a boyfriend Nothing serious He and the boys have to go To a different bar After that Have a blast Now he can also talk smack About kickin' ass The boyfriend eventually goes Back to his house Not to her house After a detour He doesn't call her He almost calls one of the girls Whose phone numbers he got tonight But he throws the scraps away Barely Maybe nothing happened Like his girlfriend said One invited him up to her apartment After asking him to walk her home He hopes nobody saw them And what they did in the lobby of her building Or maybe he hopes someone did He'd almost gone up But instead he went to his house And he doesn't go back Barely Maybe it was innocent A pushy drunk dude A friend of her roomates Like she said His girlfriend calls a couple times She's wondering where he is He rubs sore knuckles Before he passes out He doesn't answer Hopefully things turn back in the morning What a crappy twenty-first birthday...
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