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In the year 3030
In the year 3030 Time travel is what some like to say a common convenient conveyance. And is sold like Air travel or Train fair. Seeing that most people have cars that fly. For some time travel is considered to be a matter of entertainment. Like going to a theme park. Only we don’t close after dark. There are a few companies That provide these forms of entertainment. This is but one of many infomercials. Here at EON there’s no time like the past, present or future. Let us take you, where you want to go! On or off planet. EON... A Personal time travel company. Take time, to travel in time. Here at Eon We can take you where you want to go when you want to go. Enjoying your involvement in future activities. But by law, trips to the pass are observation only. You cannot interfere meaning you cannot change the past, Period. If something happened an inconvenience, You lost money or you lost the fight. You cannot change the past, your life, or that of a family member’s. As much as it pains us. You cannot travel to the future to get a cure for some Infectious disease, that a family member died from. We’re sorry... But here at EON, You can see how your parents Or grandparents met. With the option of time lapse time travel, you can even watch your parents grow up. And since you have the time, you can travel back through your entire family line. In our time travel facilities we can take you anywhere you need to go, and have you there when you need to be there. On or off planet. When you’ve had enough, and seen enough. we can bring you back at the push of a button. Our time travel Facilities are just as comfortable as sitting at home in your living room. For anyone traveling to the past, We even have a remote control. Here at Eon we can give you the option of sending you in holographic form. that’s right you can be Projected like a hologram and watch everything as it takes place. No one will see you. All part of the EON personal Time travel experience. And since we now live on The Moon, Mars and few Asteroids, The sky is no longer the limit. We can even let you have a replay of an Athletic or Historic event. Now for those of you with the idea of traveling to the future just so you can get the local lottery numbers. We are sorry, we can’t let you do that, for that to, is an attempt to change the past. And that is against the law of time travel. There is a time travel enforcement bureau. And they really keep track of time. It’s called Decades and of course it’s run by our planetary government. Because Uncle Sam always has time, to keep time in line. A decades time enforcement team will show up and correct any time discrepancies. Here at Eon, we won’t lose track of time You can travel to near infinity We have an automatic timer set to bring you back. That is for those of you Who have a habit, of getting lost in time. EON... A Personal time travel company
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