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Being proactive after getting hoodwinked
(alternatively titled: tardy duff fender of assertiveness, especially after adjusting following insanity clause affixed with rubber baby-buggy bumpers) Methinks I nearly got snookered courtesy CVS employee at store number 7569 (address: 1206 North Gravel Pike, Zieglerville, Pennsylvania 19492) September ninth, two thousand and twenty. Saleswoman rattled off spiel regarding CVS Carepass program the missus immediately became suspicious of aforementioned deal every month five dollars debited from checking account, figurative highway robbery, and/or outright steal. The above trifling unspectacular wrought scenario an exception to rule, whereby yours truly usually spurred Manichean inner duel witnessed by guns ablazing trampling outspokenness giving Isaac Bashevis Singers, Gimpel the fool run for his in dove viz hubble money now forced into dire straits, where chicks free yea how Homo sapiens cruel nasty, short and brutish beastly species devises sadomasochistic tool hankering, and hungering to starve think also about anonymous innocent tortured soul (me, ha) kept in solitary confinement, with no chance of parole a convict for life i.e. hard skool of knocks alum deceived hired, and lobotomized slave driven human mule donkey hoe tee (hee hee hee), and fed diet of worms in tandem with thin gruel. Far to often annals constituting mein kampf, I experienced oblivious naiveté undergoing blitzkrieg linkedin with scapegoat honorific, now sortie give snort against mine passivity harrumph! Dan D. yankee from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania didst doodle and dawdle planting feather in figurative cap - yay perceptive sixth sense analogous to xray, yours truly more wise to the insidious mean way dominant nasty, short and brutish human beasts Machiavellian bullies instill fear for egoistic personal gain oye vey immediately judging me as prime target oh my dog... early in grade school threatening hateful taunts got underway I attest suffering verbal abuse persists even today offtime couched within feigned concern, yet sinister motives at heart stay anger toward able, eager and ready poetic tactics launched courtesy shipshape quay zee reasonably rhyming literary barbs to portray, how creative poetic technique can outweigh Norse (er horse) sense scrawled by Lake Woebegone bachelor farmers' guardian angels originally harkening from Norway deported to Normandy Farms, including me nonagenarian papa, cuz they (you decide who) started to trumpet melee predicated when power of attorney given to a girl named Amélie, dime a dozen teller (of tall tales) at Wells Fargo Bank.
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