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God is Not Lost, You Are
I’ve heard people say they “Found God” You didn’t find God, because God was never lost You say, you lost your wallet or your keys… You didn’t lose your keys, you misplaced your keys God is NOT lost. God was NEVER lost, you were. At some point of your height of happiness, you misplaced God. When you got your husband, you were all giggly goo, pleasing him God was placed on the back burner. It was like, God who? When you got your new house, you left God at the old house When you got your new car, you go everywhere but to church in it You shop Gucci, Louie, Balenciaga, Versace, Prada You gotta have a Birkin bag and a Bentley, talking ‘bout an upgrade. But that’s what’s up! But my how quickly do you forget. What happened to Burlington, Ross and TJMaxx? Now you on the come up, you got a comma or two in yo bank account and you forgot who saw you through those extensions and disconnect notices, those partial payments, food stamps and payday loans, those heartbreaks, pains and sufferings, that foreclosure and divorce. What about those nights you were drunk and drove your car home and all those times you were texting and driving, but still got home safe. Who do you think was there covering and protecting you? When your status changed, you changed. But who do you think changed your status and opened that door for your breakthrough? You couldn’t have done it by yourself, because if you could have done it, you would have been done it. God changed your circle, He changed your situation, He changed your mindset. God wants to expose you to bigger and better and that’s a good thing. As long as you know, that GOOD is GOD with an extra O. God brings you on a higher level, but not for you to leave Him on a lower level. So no matter how good, successful, rich or wealthy you become, no matter how angry you may be at God for whatever reason, always know, everything you have gone through or will go through is for God's purpose, not self-purpose and for God to get the glory. And at any point in your life, whether it’s a high point or a low point, whenever you feel God is not there for you, you must understand, YOU forgot where you placed Him in your life. What you will need to do is reflect, go back in your mind, in your heart and in your spirit and look on that lower level, think back as to see at what point in your life God was your Higher high and after that self-evaluation, you will see, you found the place where you placed God. Ask yourself, where is God now in your life?
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