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Hiding in plain sight
I had my plan memorized, and I picked the right time. I walked into the bank when there was no line. I walked up to the teller and presented a note. She hadn’t lived my life, you see, I was going for broke. With a white painter’s cap, matching sweat suit, and nice sneakers. I thought I could have passed for a rapper, but I was a thug wanna be. This bank didn’t have a guard so, for me, the money was free. The way she looked at the note I could tell she wasn’t impressed. See, I wrote it with an orange crayon and well... I did my best. That’s when I unzipped my jacket, to show her the sticks of dynamite duck taped to my chest. I pulled out an old cell phone, extended the small antenna just for effect. I said lady, this is my first bank job, I’ve never done this before. I’ll take all the money you have in the top drawer. She saw my finger on the button, I was in control, and didn’t wanna get caught by the local patrol. Knowing I’m going to be on TV. The lead on all the news channels. What she didn’t know, with these road flares and old cell phone. I could blow out a candle. She gave me two bags of money, that felt good in my hands. Then I made my get away, it was all part of the plan. I didn’t drive, and some will think on foot I won’t get that far. But the cops are on their way, so, I was quick to slip around to a back alleyway. Making my getaway I was walking fast. Holding two bags of money in an old target shopping bag. Walking with no witnesses as to which way I went, It was all I could do not to break out and sprint. As we know it’s not safe to wear a hoodie When you walk through a gated community. I saw the volunteer guard Before he saw me, I briskly ducked behind a large oak tree. I didn’t want to end up D-O-A In the middle of my getaway. This time of morning there Were no other prying eyes, So, I quickly changed out of my bold disguise. Slowing my pace, taking time to rub dart on my face. karma and luck were with me, Still no one gave chase. I made it six blocks and, on a corner, I found a man looking out of place. We made a good trade and I gave him a good deal. For his carboard sigh that read (Help I’m Homeless) He got a white sweat suit And enough cash to eat a good meal. I gave him another twenty and said Go have a good time, because for the rest of the day, this corner is all mine. Well, I’m standing on this corner with my help I’m homeless sign, Hiding in plain sight, Making the getaway still on my mind. I’m standing on a corner playing a homeless man. I was just beginning to get the feel, as people walked by I was starting to enjoy the thrill, a nice lady even told me where I can get a free meal. It’s well past Sun set and trouble hadn’t found me yet. One guy pulled over in his sports car. Giving me two dollars, and asking for directions, hoping to get that Marijuana connection. I knew he was an undercover cop so, I let him feel he had made the right stop. I said you need to follow this route, go down about six blocks, and look for a man in a white sweat suit. Since I pulled off the miss direction, I felt a little bait and switch, would make sure I won’t be doing A five-year hitch. I still had two bags of money hidden behind this help I’m homeless sign. The road flares and old cellphone I had already left behind. and as soon as this cop pulls off I will be on my way Out of sight, and out of mind.
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