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A Madman's Remembrance of Lost Love
Bugs are crawling in my brain I want to go out into the rain And laugh and sing and dance all night But mine is not a happy plight You see, they say I am insane I say, I just fell in love With a lady I can’t stop thinking of They say that I’m sick in the head Because the woman I seek is dead However, she haunts me from above Every night I visit her tomb She died with my child in her womb I want to bring her back to life For the lady I love was my wife And the child was my son I assume They found out she was a witch From the town gossip and snitch They came and took her off to jail On the trumped-up charges and no bail Which made my mind boil and twitch The day came when they put her on trial The prosecutor was nasty and vial The defense never uttered a word The hanging judge was absurd It ran through the town like a sickness gone viral The trial only lasted an hour or around The kangaroo court had the power I found To sentence one to death To be hanged utill last breath The verdict was finally handed down Guilty! To be hanged by the neck until dead! The evidence was whatever the witnesses said Sentence to be carried out at dawn From the big oak tree on the courthouse lawn An unmarked grave was to be her final resting bed I couldn’t put into words how I did feel They didn’t even give her a last meal The sun seemed to come up fast And they came for her at last The whole thing was so surreal They marched her out to the hanging tree And put a hood over her head so she couldn’t see They put the noose around her neck And I was a total wreck She stood on a crate and they pulled the rope tightly They strung her up as she uttered her last words They all shuttered at the words that they heard She cried out in one final curse “On the full moon next, October the thirty first” You will all be dancing with death absurd!” With that I started laughing out loud To the strange stares of the onlooking crowd My wife and child would go to their grave By the grace of God they would be saved And I would bring them back somehow The hangman kicked out the crate from under her feet And she swung back and forth from the tree She strangled quite slow The crowd gasped at the show Tears filled my eyes so I could no longer see When the hangman was satisfied she was dead He slowly let her down, removed the noose and said, “She’s all yours know my sad friend” “She’s now the devil’s and we don’t want him to offend.” I weeped, “Oh no, God was with her in the end” I put her on my cart to ferry Her lifeless form off the cemetery There I buried her deep For her final rest and sleep But I remained ever wary For I had a ritual to perform soon At midnight on the next shinning full moon I would resurrect my love And bring her back to the world above Everyone thought me a loon Try and try and try as I might I could not get the ritual right I thought, God’s going to keep her behind Heaven’s gate I would have to grow old without her and wait To again see my love at first sight Maybe I am indeed mad thereof I can’t get my mind off of my wife above It’s driving me wild We could have had a life and a child It’s a madman’s remembrance of lost love
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