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afflictions and perspectives
foisted upon her was the merry go round crystal chandelier it stuck in her beautiful mind like a beacon of flaming desire of clouds fried by a cuckoo with an indestructible socket her eyes wide upon pupils dilated endorphins personified life liberty pursuit of happiness revolutions and counter attacks the circus crowd in her mind applauded her delirium in jest behind a curtain of shadows she had collected magical spores fungus in a magical forest and ingested her opulent harvest mixed with belladonna and wild garlic she went on a journey forgot her sorrows devastation and denigration for a short while altered consciousness mushroomed as the kitchen went pink orange condensation and the kind violet haze of happy travels gone were the days of monosynaptic apathy and helplessness ‘waste not want’ your resources and she ingested another bite engaged in a mouthwatering mix of promises and prophesies Adam and Eve had apples and the snake showed true colours and her shades of despair vanished in psychedelia and light so many dots to connect and a jigsaw awaiting puzzles to solve reality was a myth when nature offered a free ride towards pure bliss ‘when delusion becomes an illusion I am tied to searching for candour she lit candles and sandalwood incense watched flames and ashes caressed her cinnamon bark and disappeared in a fog of contempt for all those doomsayers and hypocrites feasting on power and booze the goody goody purveyors of dogma boredom and stifling norms who needed normality when insanity led the way from crazy bedlam the bed floated on invisible crutches and she cradled the velvety duvet that had become a flying carpet propelled by dervishes satin and time infinity cast its ephemeral essence as she seized moon night and day a warden of rebellion turbocharged and on auto piloted dreams a non conformist creating her own truth meaning gospel and insight as she tore into the Buddha’s loin cloth and rotten figs became sweet Jesus and Mary Magdalene made love under cover of unicorn wings on songs and a prayer to relinquish a few beads strewn on the sheets unveiled true love and compassion as they mocked crosses and skulls drove forth on a Harley on highway 101 towering over the wasteland she ground bones and sinews into a potion of never ending nirvana lost track of here and then molded future and past into presents and gifts from paradise unadulterated by demons and punishing gods though she had to admit that she worshipped witches and clowns and laughed at imaginary devils horny on self soothing prescriptions temple tables turned on a spinning top defeating gravity and arrest sprung upon her an altar mounted on springs recoiling from myrrh and frankincense vapours blowing midnight oil on their imposters perfumed in her own disinhibition she sprinkled a few more stars into spaced out galaxies of intergalactic and borderless voyages when she came down the world had become a different abode she needed no park bench no food stamps and charity handouts which had inflicted so much self worthlessness and pure indignation she took comfort in enlightenment mixed with passionate emotions conceded that the universe had never matched her own expectations withdrawal was painful and her family friends foes and companions wanted her certified and confined to a shiny nearby lunatic asylum the addiction clinic loomed large on now charcoaled skewed sky lines decreed that self lacerations deserved treatment and sacrificial offerings but she wondered who were the crazy ones and eloped and vanished ‘I am on my own now call it loneliness solitude solace or freedom’ ‘at least I am in charge and control an agent of choice in the matter’ she found a bed in the woods covered in weeds grasses and herbs turned moss into rolling stones and escaped into her hierarchy of needs when they found her wondered whether she should have cast the first rock they injected and electro converted her anything short of a lobotomy ironically administered psylocybin in their self righteous deceptions turned her into cabbage with legal pharmaceutics and lawful regimes chuckled and congratulated themselves because they had bailed her out ‘she created this by herself and we saved her from the menace of drugs’ 05th August
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