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UnderStated Yet OverHeard
I'm not comfortable talking about racial differences, Or even racial or sensual similarities. I know what you mean or maybe I do. Something intimate and personal about melanin and hair qualities and what lies red-blooded under shared and segregated skin. I remember when long hair quantity was an anti-patriarchal political statement, maybe even anti-capitalist economic divestment; But not political empowerment/disempowerment qualities like "good" hair or "black" hair or "kinky" hair or "Aryan" blond hair or "much too blond" hair. I'm uncomfortable talking about kinky sex, too. I'm hearing something about mixing personal and political. I know, right? Like, when did the decision to have a baby or not, because of emergent climate pathologies, impending drought and hunger Pandemics Floods Fierce and frightening windstorms Future failure of insurance and financial and healthy-democratic v fake-populist government systems become more than merely personal? I don't know. I'm starting to see reality of power-centers the eco-Other way around. Meaning... That personal climates and characteristics are also politically empowering and/or disempowering, often with economic investment and/or divestment implications; Not partisan, especially, but essentially political, like positive and negative cultural power. When was the last time someone told you, "It's not personal, I'm just not ready to commit" Or "It's not personal, it's just a time and money budget problem" Or "an administrative decision" "come down from corporate" "change in [impersonal, generic, general] policy" "a decision [choice] made upstairs" about a group of individuals of which you, unfortunately, are a now unwanted part. As if, because it's political or economic policy, it can't become legitimately felt as personal disempowerment or even familial empowerment; like capitalistic corporately learned responses to multicultures of diverse brown melanin and black anti-monocultural kinkiness. My favorite is when people ask me not to confuse religion with politics and economics and sensory awareness/dissociation. I know, right? Like most of Earth's human population could or would place their faith in politically impoverished or economically disempowered counter-cultural communitarian cooperative communication and spiritual-sensory nondualistic history of enculturing LeftBrain predative education and ecofeminist formation failing systems, reformation healthy democratic global networks UnLike ecologically failing subclimates and theologically monoculturing racism and sexism and straight white patriarchal privileged left-brain dominant systems. Personal systems. And political. And economic. And social-psychological Multiculturally transmitted Whether by democratic constitutions or divinely inspired scriptures or patriarchal lines of spiritual masters teachers with diverse levels of aboriginal melanin, and good or kinky hair, and those upper eyelid folds I'm not sure I Western trust...
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