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Doors to Power Perception
Sogyal Rinpoche tells a Doors to Perception story. Positive and negative feeling individuals bear witness to a river. Those more goddess-like see this river as great savory fragrant nutritious beautifully resonant musically harmonic multiculturally rich, a transporter of karmic mediation preferring win/win cooperative ecofeminist green energy conservational and black lives matter liberally transubstantiating Earth's indigenous Right and endogenous Left, androgynous Left deducing Right's inductive sacred seductive empowerment values. And We are those more patriarchal straight white privileged. Whether monoculturing husbands or suppressed green ecofeminist EarthMothers with dam-bursting restorative justice rights to vote for miserably polarized and contentious speakers, rather than more cooperatively discerning non-violently active listeners, health care resonant researchers and climate care legislators and benignly win/win trans-reformative administrators Religiously remaining focused and spiritually framed on how hellishly ravaged our monotheistic and competitive monopolistic theocratic win/lose assumptions about river grace racing economies have become polluted toxic waste streams ending in chemically satiated swamps rather than healthy river mouths Positive power suppressing negative karma about the eyes of Goddess Earth Visions and the ears of Evangelical HellRaisers Patriarchal Terrorists Narcissistic MonoTheocrats Evaporating into lose/lose monoculturing warp-drive, aka "Climate CHANGE" equals Earth's ZeroZone summative core Full=1.00% Empty=00% PatriarchalYang power perceptual prejudice And yet, this Doors of Perception story ends with the assumption of Incommensurable EcoSystemic Information, further logically concluding from this enthymematic unstated win/lose assumption about the empowering value of co-empathic feelings, of sacred green eco-feminist compassion, of standing downstream of history's polyculturing multiculturing resonantly resilient healthy wealth multicultural flow system, the ZeroZone Capital ReSource of River's flowing downhill acquisitive structure, Both bipolarized banks agree, flowing downstream health power is our humane economic resource and Earth's political ZeroZone Source Of whatever that redemptive baptismal and sacred cleansing nutritious nurturing water transports cooperatively-owned and altruistically managed And/or polluted, toxic waste stream MotherEarth owned and transported by deep learning river beds of communication health power dreams of ecosystemic communication delivery Become power systems of neurologically win/win v win/lose v lose/lose polyphonically bicameral felt integral and holy, healthy and safe, wealthy and beautiful Rightbrain wild and leftbrain infamous, Goddess EarthTribal and Patriarchally Hellish, Yin trans-regenerating Yang's anthrocentric ZeroZone secular/sacred Source for material and temporal ReSources To notice each river's full rainbow of whatever you call that flowing as compassionately downstream as time flows water-powered energy from up to down As Earth-born nutritional delivery systems root down to up sunlight, as air-born nutrients burn daily East to West followers, Disciples and Evangelists of sacred Earth, when facing the river bed's Northern Source, feeling RightEast and thinking LeftWest North in winter's frozen discontent, South in summer's midstream swelling climax.
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