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What Do You Know
I sit here waiting, waiting to go to a comfortable place where by spirit can be at ease but you continue to play your dirty little game and I am going to bring the entire multitude to shame. I have been crying out for help but you keep pretending as if you are dead. You use my own words to mock me and ignore my daily plea. It is one of those days when I feel like crying but the tears cannot flow, but heavens feel the weight and the rain came just in time before it is too late. You believe that you own me but destiny will rip out your arms before you destroy me and the sun will dry up your arrogance when I am done. What do you take me for? a string of lollypops? the Gods will bark at you before I fit into your socks. When I tell you what to do, your friends walk around and pretend that it is you oh what an awful profanity, when the energy spill over in the sky and the universe will bid you goodbye. The time will surely come when you have to get up and run. My blood is running hot and my adrenaline is dancing around in a frock, oh if I could change this awful feelings I would go higher than my current dealings. The day has dawned and it is kicking up a terrible storm, the show is about to close and traffic is flowing and moving up and down the road. I have felt this way before when I am almost at the end of the road, there is no friend or companion insight I have to face my music before daylight. Mocking and jeering and everything that is daring escaped from the shadows and land on top of my window. I have face much humiliation and I am going to mash up your administration if you don`t respond promptly to my communication. Day after day you have ignored my plea so bullets will fly over your head in the first degree, and when the day is done blood will wash your dirty street and complete the drum beat. And all those people you have bound will march one by one out of the filthy town. I am sitting here and I can feel my stomach tightening and I can feel my heart burning, the sun is not shining but the heat is blazing inside me and perspiration is runing all over me I am not afraid of hardship neither will I dance to your lordship I will do what is right and you cannot destroy me. I do not care if you do not like any bones in me because this is the message you give the man to communicate in the street but I can handle it. I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say to you And I want you to do what I tell you to do without delay. You must resign and leave that office because you don`t care about people you only love money. I want to tell you that I have died a thousand and five death and it is not my time yet. I can hardly control the sweat that is coming out of my body. You will die before me and the casket is ready and waiting for you. My style is not your style and my mind is not your mind. I am far from being a politician so I can go any part of the land and eat, ripe banana grape and yam. I can see the wrong and the right and I have nothing to fight. You have chosen the wrong place to conduct your masquerade, a culture that is supposed to be well cultured but it is backward, mean and selfish, they are holding the petri dish and they still don't know what to do with it. people are dressed nicely but their spirit and mind are dirty, they pretend when they go abroad but they have no respect when they come a yade. Envy and grudges are washing their faces and the green lizards in their eyes are loaded with contempt, Don`t worry their misery will soon come to an end. I have watched them come and go mumbling something underneath their breath but they are dancing to truth and reality and slowly moving towards their own destiny. You have been playing this game for many years messing with the people`s mind and pretending to be divine. You have been playing a ruthless game and you have been trying to bring me to shame, but I have one word for you, the mob is going to get you, and when they are done with you, they will grind you scatter your dust into the street. I was never part of your show and I just want to get out of here so that I can grow, so let this be my final warning to thee give me the thing that I need and set me free. A ticket or a dollar and pounds walking in night gown I want to go somewhere interesting that I can really call home. This is the final plea to thee, repair my phone and let me go. My spirit is loaded with guns and someone want to have bloody fun.
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