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In My Opinion
Everything that’s happening this year was all planned out. That’s what Agenda 21 (declared as false online) is all about. Documents related to the plan are out there in the world for anyone to see. When I first heard about it (long before this year, in fact) it was ludicrous to me. My daughter had informed me of many wicked things happening right beneath our noses. I just kind of chuckled – thinking she was crazy. But today I am not laughing, for I am smelling something foul, and it’s not roses! Call it Hindsight 2020. My daughter’s vision has been clear. She said an evil plot was soon to happen, and this year. . .it’s here! Some bat-S@$% crazy story “they” came up with when this virus they concocted and on our earth they let it go . . . Blame it all on China if you want to. The country that it came from does not matter. Some souls have awakened and the truth of why it happened we so-called “conspiracy theorists” already know. Lies, exaggerations and half-truths I have seen unfolding and extended. Contradictions left and right (political pun intended). Hydroxychloroquine is a treatment good for us. Oh no, nix THAT. Fauci says it’s not the thing to do. Fauci, little monster and minion of Bill Gates. Elitists have deep pockets and Bill Gates’ hands are in every place that factors in with vaccinations. Look it up, folks. Gates is not a doctor. Don’t bury your heads in the sand. A humunitarian’s mask HE wears. About the third world countries and my own - do you think he really cares? You will not find the answers on Bill Gates’ “internet” or from the standard media – the ones that parrot everthing that they are told to say. Our newscasts are a joke; look at other sources. Whisle blowers, independent journalists, and doctors (real and honest) both abroad and in the USA. From truth, they do not turn away. Find out why the virus is even called Corona. Dig deep and find the secrets which are being censored daily, but why?? Vulgarities can be on Youtube, but not opinions about the reasons for the New World Order? Why are we all living with such terror, locked in houses, running round in masks. Actually RUNNING in masks (some kids dropped dead in gym class. Look it up!) Domestic violence, suicide, depression and anxiety - all have increased significantly along with bankrupcies of small businesses. Is it worth it to destroy the economy of our planet? When I think of it, I can barely stand it. Celebrities and the filthy rich promoting all their garbage on your tv screen. Why can we not have herd immunity? This thing you are afraid of - it’s like a real bad flu! Take vitamins, take zinc; keep safe the very sickly old. But no, that will not do. In the end it’s all about Bill Gates’ vaccine. You can say I drink the Kool-aid, but the reason for it all is depopulation and to have control of the entire world. I’m not the only person now to see this. Will social-distancing be coming to an end? I hardly think so. Right now we face a virus that kills FAR less than 1% of us. It’s not the Black Plague, guys!! But I’m sure a thing like that is next on their agenda. Wait and see. So if you take the vaccination designed with Bill Gates’ special weird stuff, let’s see how healthy in the end you’ll be. There now – I think I’ve said enough! * Note to reader: I espouse no major political party of my country any longer. I see them both as corrupt. June 24, 2020 for Kai Michael Neumann's Opinion Poetry Contest
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