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Sick and Tired of This Virus
Corona Virus, Corona Virus, that is all we hear! You turn on the television, it's Corona Virus on the news! The commercials come on it's Corona Virus " We Are One"! You turn on the radio, I give you one guess, YOU GOT IT! Say NO MORE TO THE CORONA VIRUS! The More the media talks about it, the more it's in our lives! I'm sick and tired of this Virus aren't you? First it's three feet Social Distancing, then it's six feet. Which is it? If Social Distancing works why are the deaths for the regular flu almost the same from last year, shouldn't have they decreased? First were told by Fauci we don't need a mask, now he tells us we need a mask. Which is it? You are the expert we are suppose to bow down to an believe? Who is this guy? Has he been appointed to hold Gods position? The CDC says the test for the Virus is wrong 50% of the time! The People dying mostly die of underlying medical conditions and not the virus! The Virus deaths are false! Who do we believe when no one is telling us the truth? We can not trust their information!!! He also stated we will never shake hands again. He said, "Never Again" How the hell does he know? What kills me is, he, Fauci said we can get it through our eyes. Almost every one in government that doesn't wear glasses has no eye protection! Why? Then you have the Governors that take after Hitler and Mussolini. Keeping us locked up supposedly after the Virus numbers have decreased. You can't get a haircut for Petes sake! Bankrupting the companies that employ good Americans, that put food on the table for their families, causing them to loose their jobs! People are unable to see their dentist, in pain because some ass---- governor! Many surgeries have been postponed. People suffering and some starving. Meat plants shutting down! Hardly any meat! These rules and regulations, are worst then the Virus! Then I see the President not wearing a Mask, like we all have to. I see the vice president meeting with Veterans, all the Veterans are wearing their mask but he is not! Do as I tell you, don't do as I do! So if you haven't figure this out yet, I am Totally sick and done with this Corona Virus. I take off this stupid Mask. I get in my car. I power down the windows. I feel a nice breeze, freedom at last. Just when I thought No More Corona Virus for today, I look to my right and there is a flashing sign saying, "Please Stay Home" I defiantly give the sign the one finger salute!!!
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