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What If
What If You live in a Matrix that you don't know, what is really happening around you. That there are people that wish to control you through fear, lies, and manipulation and deception, but you don't realize it's happening. That these people have been planning this a long time and they are incredibly smart, evil, rich and powerful. That they are the people that you trust, listen to, appreciate, and admire. That they are many years ahead of you in technology and they have gathered so much information on you, that your privacy doesn't exist. That they control the economy, your food, your water, your money, and through the false narratives on television your mind. That they are so evil that you in your worst thoughts, could not fathom their evilness. That their goal is to depopulate the world from 7.8 Billion people to 5 hundred million. How you might ask? Through your food, vaccinations, chemtrails, your water, medications, lack of health care, and many other ways. That they want a data bank on everyone on earth through your dna and tracking, and tracing devices. There are many of us and few of them, so they want to monitor us at all times so we can't retaliate when we realize what they are doing to us. After they give us our freedom back with conditions, they will bring us back to our prisons at home with another plandemic. Then they will tell us that if we want our freedom we have to first be tested and then vaccinated. Later they will say that your money carries the virus and they will bring in the cashless society. Why? If you don't go along with the program, they shut off your funds. That they want to disarm us, take our weapons so we can't fight back. Canada just banned assault weapons, U S A will follow. Henry Kissinger said, You want to control the masses, you control their food and their money, and they will do anything you ask. My friends welcome to, THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Go to YouTube. Everyday they take down their videos to censor them. Warn others like I have warned you. James Corbett report YouTube RichieFromBoston YouTube Dr Andy Kaufman Youtube Celeste Solum YouTube **** The second wave will be real. They will use Biological warfare and many, I repeat many will die.****Go to YouTube and type in "Former Fema insider talks about the much more severe 2nd wave coming and being attacked." Celeste Solum. Tell all that you love and tell them to tell ten others. So forth and so on. God bless you all we are in this together... Michael Tor
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