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Aha argh oh my dog
Aha - argh... oh my dog... don't mind me muttering, eh? Earlier today (May 5th, 2020), I forget thee exact hour found me utterly beside mice elf, matter of fact even at this moment, yours truly doth feel mad at himself cuz Aldi's merchandise (mostly food) needed to be restored to their proper shelf. Upon further contemplation me thought quite futile and pointless to expend energy subsequently nill... best swallow figurative bitter pill and maximize opportunity to take quill in an effort to salvage sanity lest poetaster schrieks with voice noticeably shrill, thus if curious to discover visa vis motive poem got crafted read further if ye will. Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, i.e. formerly known as food stamps I never secured into wallet for safe keeping, mine minor ohm my dog oversight surged thru me (as if charged with a bajillion amps), said aforementioned revelation occurred while standing in a long line at Aldi's attested whereby other patrons stood pipsqueaks in tandem with their gramps which snaked all the way to "5th and Japip." Pointless regarding yours truly, ordinarily insightful and adept (in short, a generic and garden variety local bummer) who schlepped courtesy rubber express (think shoe leather) - except sneakers adorned little (mine) feet thus imagine hypothetical inept hobo or tramp his bindle slung over shoulder traversing countless miles, cuz an odometer he (I) kept indicated staggering and sprawling distance, sometimes on all fours (faux pas) he crept hence no way would exhausting effort be made for nought. Riches to rags summarizes bio in short former spendthrift and prodigal son with lip service paid toward quaffing port, whence reduced to penury, a courtship wasted mein kampf of pennilessness insync with sport despite feted happy occasion, I discreetly did cavort unbridled shenanigans bedding young nymphs entailed minimal effort, when lavish catered affair slated to celebrate one lovely slip of a lass, she (no rookie) beguiled stealthily intended marriage to abort, nonetheless gaining handsome dowery with quintessential private escort. We both acquired deserved comeuppance therefore allowing, enabling and providing me opportunity to attend contra dance by going stag wowed by gamut of coeds moost who with subtle nonverbal cues did entrance oft times imagining traipsing across France courtesans attending every private need ah... so much for castles in the sky invisibly concocted via strong swooshing dominant arm with lance. In reality scratching out what began as prime motive to detail forgetting ebt card intending poem to communicate spending more',n dime times one hundred hemorrhaging checking account as momentary lapse of reason with rhyme as often occurs time and again poem takes fabulous convolutions squeezed like figurative lemon going from ridiculous to the sublime.
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