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Rumors How we arrived at where we are By Franklin Price 05/03/2020 By now you've heard the rumors How Covid-19 came to Earth How it did not come here naturally How Wuhan, China gave it birth Maybe aided by our government To make us stay in place And take away the elderly If so, it's such a big disgrace To break the world economy To obtain more than their share Thought the Chinese were all communists Guess profit takers also there U.S. greed began it all Cheap labor, China's force Could pay them paltry wages Which would help them out, of course So they sent away the middle class At least the cash, that was their pay China now is in control That's why we're where we are today The super rich pulled on the strings Now there's multi-billionaires World markets over-valued With much manipulating there The money made by China Is controlled by just a few They're using it to buy the world When looking back, that's nothing new At the turning of the Century Just six score years ago The U.S.A.'s economy, Through manufacturing, would grow The young were moving off the farms More money in the city Would be a big adventure For many, was a pity Not much money for their pockets They had not much to show The modern day industrialists Were keeping most the dough The U.S. in isolation Then the world war came along Sent our youth to die in Europe Singing patriotic songs Without our help in fighting Could have gone a different way When the First World War was over The U.S.A. had come to stay The movers and the shakers Took advantage all they could Manipulated the economy Did more damage than did good Then came the Great Depression The economics were unsound Wall Street was collapsing Drove our great country in the ground Who we were as people Had not really ever changed What we thought was most important Those hard times had rearranged Slowly we were recovering Then Hilter came in play Then the bombing of Pearl Harbor Those two things would change our day We the People came together To face the Axis enemy In '45 the war was over On the land, on air and sea The Earth, in devistation, Holding on by just thread Needed lots of help recovering, World-wide, with millions dead The U.S.A. raised up its hand Took the lead in helping out Left our troops around the world Discouraging another bout Sent funds to many countries Helped rebuild the enemy Assisted them in reconstruction Resources often sent for free Flexed our military muscle Against the Communist regimes Fought several wars of question At least that's what it seems The last half of the century Things were changing every day From driving on new interstates To how we work and play Satellites were put in orbit Astronauts would follow soon Before we reached the seventies Put the first man on the moon Computers that once filled large rooms Now shrunk and in our phone Which we carry in our pockets So we never are alone World-wide trade made easier With Jet planes in the race Overnight, by flying, We can be most any place. We use the world-wide internet, While we keep our butts in place, To make deals, that make us money, When we can't meet face to face. Ships larger than most stadiums Move goods across the sea To make all we buy cheaper Lower cost for you and me Meanwhile the jobs are gone That allowed us all to buy The rich are getting richer It's enough to make one cry This went on for many years The middle class was in a fix Then the Donald came along In two-oh and one six He ran on making changes To the middle class delight Now it's nice to have a president For, We the People, in the fight Things began to happen Changes for the globe around The middle class began to smile Do-nothing politicians frowned Trump not in acceptance By the elders on the hill They could not let him turn-around What had made their pockets fill Before he even took the oath Impeachment rumors were in place This new president, a traitor. The Russians helped him win the race Besides that, he did not receive The most of casted votes But won the college handily Per the Constitution's notes In spite of negativity, Brought by liberal delight, Trump has performed as promised Always with an uphill fight Unemployment at its lowest Trade deficit was turned Give aways to other countrys No longer free, they must be earned Working with our largest companies To bring our labor back We've seen it start to happen In the dam there is a crack Placed duties on Red China To bring them to the table Trade deficits are growing Must work to make them stable The wall on our southern border Being built to keep crime out Still welcome legal immigration That's what our country is about No longer are we willing To be all to everyone Fair trade is all we're asking For how it was, we now are done. The cowards in our congress Are afraid of what that means What will happen to their income All that extra pork and beans There was a Trump impeachment By the Asses on the Hill Was rejected by the Senate The Pacaderms had had their fill Twenty-twenty came along Less than a year to the election Looks like Donald is still winning The left needs a good infection. China's more than pissed off Would change the game we play Send the World Coronavirus That's why we're where we are today Trump brought in the experts Shut our country's borders down Asked that We the People No longer traveled into town Shut down our economy That was the best we'd ever seen Did it to save a million lives Never did it to be mean Was no cure for the Covid That came across the sea It's passed along by contact To infect both you and me While waiting for a cure We were asked to hibernate So we did not catch the virus And death or illness not our fate Now we're in the month of May We've seen that isolation works Covid-19 is not gone In the shadows, it still lurks States rights have been recognized To determine the return To a normal way of living And the days for which we yearn We the People must be patient The deadly virus is not through Stay six feet away, not under Wear masks, and wash hands too Get tested, when it's possible, To see just how you've faired Don't dare let the Donald down He's a president who cared I hope I have not bored you While you're home, in your dominion It's the way I saw it happen The way it is, in my opinion
Copyright © 2020 Franklin Price. All Rights Reserved