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Second shingles shot successful
Second shingles shot successful... slight prick, but otherwise... positive pitch re: without a hitch the first innoculation approximately five months prior also nary glitch. Preemptive needling measure regarding getting fully immunized at CVS (Zieglerville, Pennsylvania)13:08 military time May First 2020 bruised left arm update status report regarding preventive measure well worth suspenseful interlude preliminary delay imposed wait while pharmacist at aforementioned Consumer Value Store (common everyday Joe) bided time to cogitate proactive decision to become fully immunized against Chickenpox, an infection courtesy varicella zoster virus later in life ditto bugaboo can cause shingles reactivate head by whim of herpes zoster the latter occurring late adult life, neither rhyme, nor reason weakened immune system (possibly stress) suddenly avails blimey candidate to experience shingles tatted telltale rash with radiating, shooting, tingling pain affecting one side of body decorate ting once lovely fleshed bones with red fluid filled blisters said dry out pustules dry out and crust over within seven to ten days, which above outbreak preceded by fever, chills, and fever, whereby raised pimply red Morse code a dash of dots, (albeit raised) on skin, and redness not to agitate impossible mission (more difficult then threading camel thru eye of needle) tingling under skin topping off slate head symptoms with upset stomach, no matter physician (perhaps doctor tending one after another family member think Marcus Welby, M.D., Doctor Who, Doogie Howser...) Nope, no cure for shingles, but treatment can decrease rate complications arise, postherpetic neuralgia (condition affects nerve fibers and skin, causing burning painful state lasting long after rash and blisters of shingles disappear. Unbeknownst why once chicken pox runs rampantly askew said subsequently taking their furlough into nerve tissue tinier, yet more mighty then garden variety/generic bacteria inexplicably "wake up" and travel along nerve fibers moo ving utterly uncowed wreaking havoc as shingles re: herpes (dizz) zoster relentlessly assaulting beastie boy/goo goo doll as rapacious motley crew. Please to report, I experience(d) minimal adverse reactions such as, redness, no swelling at the injection site, yes muscle pain, tiredness, but no headache, shivering, fever, nor upset stomach plagued me lovely skeletal musculature, albeit generic healthy male.
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