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Regenerate Intelligence
I often fail to notice nuanced distinctions between ethics of punishment, retribution, on right hand and boycott, shunning revenge, on my left; Between reigning down further abuse and more quietly raining temporary neglect, social economic political distancing. Punishment is a tool for privileged narcissists, win/lose competitors, colonizers, for fake-righteously self-imploding predators zealous missionaries self-prophetic preachers without faith those who have offended against our SupremeEgos could change their resistant non-compliant greedy heartless culture in response to compassion, win/win nurture, positive nutrition, humility, poverty of spirit, kindness, mercy, internal positive health resources, green resilience. The boycott applies economic divestment and political shunning, leaving the privileged narcissistic culture within an over-stepping Offender to re-acclimate adapt a more cooperative internal and external transactional culture of mutual listening, fair trade, sacred green natural/spiritual communion, healthier wealth of grateful communication, slow social re-engagement. Self and other quarantine, social distancing, provides opportunity to explore these nuances between punishing hazard-threatening ecosystems, corporate mega-environments, typically competing for social markets more than social engagement, for economic and political capital-monotheistic investment and re-investment and over-investment. I feel more resonant hope that big competition boxed corporate monocultures might experience a new cooperative trans-corporate Earth-centric polycultural multicultural permacultural health-care mindfulness consciousness regard for resonant social communication cultural intelligence of and for growing, expanding, feeding and watering, ecosystemic win/win compassion. Social distancing like economic boycotting teaches me about nonviolent resistance, about compassionate acceptance that ego-cultures, whether internationally incorporated competitors, or individual Me!!! systemic narcissists, can only be resiliently improved as internally motivated, committed to Earth's healthiest sustainable heart-wealth, including all Her sacred EarthTribes, all her organic energy ecosystems outside, containing positive cooperative ego-systems heart and mind chakras mind and body landscapes spirit and nature hemispheres sacred and secular conversing double-bound inside, Longing to feel and feed compassionate, safe, mutually empowering relationships, affirmations, celebration, social interdependence, multicultural win/win communication, regenerative mind-bodied intelligence. Rather than dualistic stress, evangelical anxiety, fundamentalist terror, sleep deprivation, chronic health v wealth depressions, internal/external landscape deterioration outcomes of punishing revenge, competitive retribution, win-mind/lose-heart aggression, left-hemisphere privileged enculturation, anti-Earth infestment and reactionary resistance Rather than bicameral bilaterally cooperative Ego/Earth playful persistence. Why are we mind and heart intelligent ego inhaling eco-systemic exhaling bilateral bicameral binomial bipolar/dipolar category/continuum autonomous set/interdependent system being health/wealth becomings? I wonder, with silent sacred awe, that multicultural intelligence spreads healthy democracy most virally as viral crisis exposes mortal autonomous-mind failures of win/lose ecopolitical presumption, left-hemisphere West-brained dominant, often noticed as a straight white male punishing assumption of unsafe powers. It is in comparatively silent aftermath of colonizing anthrohubris climax busyness frenzied over-investment, that left calms to more peacefully reassociate with right mind with heart integrity, brain with body synergy, spirit with nature ecology, sacred with secular theology, positive psychology with neural biology, empowerment with co-embodied co-empathic co-investment, healthy democratic politics of enlightening trust in multiculturally cooperative economics, yang work with yin play, ego-recentering with Earth-integral identity, Regenerative CoIntelligence creolizing, transubstantiating Earth's internal/external communion, sacrament of AnimaMundi consciousness; PolyPhonic Me are PolyEmPathing We, inhaling past Here predicts exhaling future's Now Hopefully, To Be Continued
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