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The God Complex
“The God Complex” His face imprinted hidden under layers of ink he whispers his words like a haunting breeze dust blown off the pages towards the back of their minds once-in-a-while reminding them of stories they are eventually, all souls book-marked tagged and categorised all bought with a price to be mined unfolding soft revelations he turns keys in their hearts fast ignition for some others require a kick-start they sometimes hear his music tinkling it gets them frustrated and thinking pulling the covers up to their ears they roll ruthlessly over, they require more sleep they return as Dream Catchers to catch dreams to avoid their real fears resisting they reconcile to listen another time and hit their clock-radios to “Sleep”, they'll wake up and smell the roses when it's coffee time he continues to buzz in their ears waxing them lyrical like some annoying bar fly he persists with his symphonies soft and hymnal measured like medicine they all must take free thinkers think it's criminal he continues to deliver he is more Midici than Sandalphon procuring popes purple robed He is Leonine Blowing white smoke like pure clouds sweet doonas for angels just for those he especially favours he surrounds them with gold stars they are top of the class sheep, full marks now all shining and spangled Sweet green tree frogs are never not toads he raises them rapturously croaking those who he smiles upon he deems for now mercifully unsullied the ones who walk the Right road black smoke he burns when he counts them like wayward sheep on his fingers and toes these sheep, the black ones he calls toads do not taste Right unsavoury and unfavoured those who have chosen the wrong road they all make their way to the Woods at some point and there are some well, you know, they chose the lesser known road the ones not taken they are but numbers all dog-eared pages their Level 4 inmate digits tattooed cuneiform on temporary yet reincarnated ageless Sumerian sleeves worn and torn, still fast asleep in their dream their covers all faded he is a complex man with a god given plan pyramids, schemes floating star ships in the sky Surreal his strategy giving birth to souls evolving through levels and layers promoted through dimensional heights "they are such stuff as dreams are made on their little lives are rounded with a sleep.’ is his Ponzi Scheme Kept in his files it is titled: “To Continue Forever, The Circle Swallows It’s Tale the Station Will Never Die, No One Derails” There they remain dreaming like mice on a wheel that never stops turning some swimming cool oceans some swimming in rapturous fire all small minnows in a blue world mire riding the waves between the three heavens thinking they are all knowing but he’s the One in Control he’s the one running the show His office glossaries reveal they are irreverent divine beings yet uneducated unknowing the holier than thous consider themselves well read and redeemable he indexes them - “Unclassified, the Very Still All Very Unknowing” the wake-up call arrives in the 5th for all souls he manages to reap they are to remain all free willed yet like puppets he counts and orchestrates, he keeps in his Ledger he files them away behind different doors each a book to be read individually on a different day when he becomes sullen and bored he tries to never get carried away but this is impossible he is a complex man All Knowable with unknowable plans The Grand Librarian dewi decimalling fading footprints Akashic counting people most days he can’t sleep so he continues to count all of his sheep Just another day doing third eye callisthenics in the God Complex, always kept messy not neat He isn’t a simple man He has grand plans He recites his life in Ancient Aramaic Third Eye in Hand He writes his story in Sanskrit He's waiting for his Bride ... (LadyLabyrinth / 2020) “Good News” / Mac Miller “Woods” / Mac Miller "Yeah, I never slip, I never fall I tried to tell you 'bout a better life And get involved big or small It's been my fault, I keep it safe, it's in the vault Blindfolded, keep it going 'til we hit a wall, yeah I'm never going through the motions I'm just tryna lay your body down slowly We can only go up..." 1. 2 Corinthians 12 (NIV) 2. Dantes Inferno 3. God Complex 4. The Road Not Taken/ Robert Frost Woods / Mac Miller, Lyrics Good News / Mac Miller, Lyrics
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