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The Devil Went Back To Heaven, Part I
There’s a person who’s been in the news of late, and he’s been causing great controversy, goes by the name of Robert Abermarle, who of late some people line up to see. But others claim we should all ignore him, and never listen to tales the man tells, especially when he claims he’s a prophet, and says the Devil is no longer in Hell. Now I have some knowledge of this man’s claims because six moths past I was the doctor who restarted his heart after it flat-lined, following a fall of twenty feet or more. Rob had been working a construction job, when he tripped, and pitched off the scaffolding, his harness failed and nothing stopped the man from hitting pavement after descending. He was unconscious when help did arrive, they worried about damage to his head, and when he finally reached the hospital the man was technically clinically dead. We did chest compressions, breathed for the man, then with a start, Robert jolted to life, his eyes wide with terror, darting around as if they never before had seen light. We all tried to make Robert sit back down, but he was wild, steadfastly refused, instead he cried,”You all have to listen, I have been charged to reveal this to you!” All of us were just too stunned to move, a man so injured should not act this way, we were so shocked by the impossible that we just stood there, heard what he had to say: “I saw it!”he claimed,"Saw those pearl gates, I walked right up to St. Peter, I swear, but he motioned me to wait for a bit, since the Devil himself was standing there. “I wondered if there had been some mistake, if somehow I’d been sent to the wrong place, was going to speak up and voice my fears, but something told me that my words I should stay. “It was then the Devil began to speak, I hunched forward to hear what he would say: ‘Please, Peter, I must talk to my father, must let him know that I have changed my ways!’ “Now this left me stunned, I’ll say so plainly, it is not something you expect to hear, this was Lucifer, the great Adversary, the demon king who preyed on human fears. “And here he was begging a once-human soul: ‘I can no longer stay among the damned. You don’t understand the depths of their evil, no mere angel holds a candle to man. “ ‘It’s the Free Will that our Father gave them, allows them to take things to true extremes, levels of horror I couldn’t bring about even with the worst of my debauched schemes... CONTINUES IN PART II.
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