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Artemis and Her Dragon
O’Great Nations of the West, To you I pen my loving best, A Warning for all Military, Leviathan that Dragon waits for thee, When thou thought all is well, Plotted against thee from burning hell, This ‘Artemis and her Dragon’s be,’ Two arms of this 'Evil-Octopussy!' Though! In bid to strike each other, All a lie to deceive your mother, But she sees this ravaging beast approach, Rise up and defend thy homes and porch, That drunk the bloods of Christian Mart’s, Who drinks the blood from the justice hearts! Lies slayed and cries out to God all day, Send thy Crusaders to quell this taunt away, From the Whore who rides this Beast, destruction follows in-massive sweeps, You O’Nations of the West, be not blind to the beating breast, Of your brothers O’fallen arms, Come to thy aids and bandage their palms, Rise up and realize this ‘Threat so Great,’ If not dealt with, Doomed your fate! But if thou ‘Learn to Call it Thee,’ Its ‘Rightful Name’ as you see. Information a’weapons done, Biowarfare has but now come, Flexing its Scales, that boasts no ill, But what it knows about your will? All it worries about is ‘lot,’ That shows its numbers, a force be bought. They fight because their told do so, No freedom to choose deep down below, Lost souls of those soldiers are, Machines not Men, humanity but far, The Vine and Tree doth intertwined, Both become ‘One’ of a diabolical kind, True enough, change is there, But none doth see a change of care, All that is done, are ‘Spy’ on you, So that they ‘Know Their Enemies’ thru’ and thru’ It’s a Shame your doctrines have left that out, Irreconcilable! Your minds in doubt, Who is this enemy? You now do talk, While in silence towards you they walk, And before time strikes, you realize she’s there, It will be too late, ‘What a Nightmare!’ I warn you now! Wake up O’West, Ready your arrows, bows and plate armor’s breast, Charge forth this ‘Rider and her Beast,’ Spare not, or else on your bones and blood they gladly feast, If they Cowardice when your strength and might affirm, Fall not for the Trickery of that Worm, Strength and Weakness are their tongues, While fire comes forth from their lungs, Finally! Destroy all their doctrines be, For it is only life and death they truly see! Be not dismayed from what all say, March on O'Armies of the West, and stay focused on your way, Slay this so-called ‘Prophet, Prophetess and their Beast,’ Hurl them into hell’s fires un-cease’t! Artemis and Her Dragon!
Copyright © 2020 Viktor Horvath Eisenstein. All Rights Reserved