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CORRUPTION by JOHN M. ARRIBAS Now that I’m approaching the final inning I need to re assess the ideas I had at the beginning I thought that if you were altruistic and right That alone was the strength needed to fight To help those less fortunate truly in need But few will help, unless you satisfy their greed Lying and cheating should be an Olympic sport Favors are granted, then comes the extort Everyone lies or exaggerates on an application Take an oath in court, lie, fear no condemnation Most pilferage in stores occur by those with keys Usually done by, the most trusted employees Cheating usually starts in the lower grades Expands astronomically with electronic aids Becomes quite evident when you’re all alone Unable to complete a questionnaire on your own Overstate your income when you apply for a loan Banker knows it, oks it, more money he takes home Manufacturers sell products with guarantees With so many caveats there’s little comfort to see Return it in the original box and condition If any things missing we won’t honor your petition They know statistically what percentage will comply All the rest are subject the manufacturers’ goodbye Home nursing services are seldom complete Poorly trained personnel or straight off the street Taking a few items from where you work Many consider it an occupational perk Everyone cheats it’s a part of our DNA We do it repeatedly each and every day Corruption(2) The biggest offenders can be found where you live Governments squander the taxes that each us give Juicy contracts are meted out to party cronies Extras to contracts that are usually phoney No bid deals to friends due to exigent conditions Then add more extras due to needless revisions They build bridges to nowhere a total sham A big party donor wants to develop his land A new stadium is demanded by a professional team Tax money is used but the public’s gain yet to be seen Its easy to get public officials to vote on a proposal Just put plenty of campaign money at their disposal Donors are cautious, clever they hedge their bets Give to all the candidates avoiding any regrets Its not unusual for a business to donate a large sum While all the employees support the opposite one Its not unusual for the employer to give restitution An amount equal to the political contribution And then there are the unashamed politicians Who will promise whatever to fulfill their ambitions Legislation is passed and they revel in praise Exempting themselves and getting a raise They follow the polls so they can steer Their promises aimed at what you want to hear Corruption goes deeper than just helping yourself Justifying lying and cheating to lack of wealth We steal from our work we lie to our boss It doesn’t hurt him he can take a inflated loss Storm damaged my house below the deductible Break a few things and make coverage acceptable Corruption(3) Corruption is most heinous rising to the top of the list When safety concerns are ignored putting lives at risk Men working in hazards conditions like say, a mine Need attention paid to safety before the bottom line Proper maintenance is imperative no matter the cost When there’s a chance that lives may be lost Corruption has another name its called greed Dump the scruples go get what you need The bigger the payoff the bigger the crime Put a small dent in corruption we have time When a child tries to excuse his actions with a lie
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