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Full Public Domain Translation of Avalokitesvara Hymn from Lotus Sutra Chp 25 Part 1
The Bodhisattva of Boundless Will then asked in verse: “O World Honored One of wondrous countenance, I now seek once more the origins of the One Who Hears And Heeds the Sounds of the World!” And so, The Eminent One of Excellent Features replied To Boundless Will in mellifluous verse: “Hear the Ways of Avalokitesvara, he who manifests in myriad places, Has resolve deeper than oceans, he who has waited upon Countless Buddhas over endless eons, and kept the Great Vows of Purity. I shall now tell of the miracles Granted to those who hear his name, see his person, Those who hold his name close to their hearts, For their many sorrows shall all wither into dust! Say the murderous plot to push you into a fiery pit, Abide in Avalokitesvara and the fiery pit will turn into A delightful pond. Or if you are cast adrift in a mighty Sea, surrounded by hydras, sea-nymphs and devil whales, Abide in Avalokitesvara and the shallows shall appear. If you are pushed off Mount Meru, abide in Avalokitesvara And you will float in the void like the Sun. Suppose you are Pursued by hounds to the edge of the Vajra Cliff, abide in Avalokitesvara and see not one hair harmed. Or if you Are trapped by extortionists, armed and ready to do harm, Abide in Avalokitesvara and see forgiveness and mercy Swell in their hearts. Or if you are ensnared in the laws of Magistrates and sent to the guillotine, abide in Avalokitesvara And the blade shall break into pieces; if chained and fettered, Then the restraints shall be shattered and liberty regained. If you are victim of the dark arts, of curses and vexes, Abide in Avalokitesvara and the malice shall backfire Onto the culprit. And should you meet fearsome Rakshasas, venomous serpents and other ghosts, abide in Avalokitesvara and none would dare haunt you. Or if You are circled by ferocious beasts, teeth and claws Long and sharp, abide in Avalokitesvara and see them scatter Away in every direction. Cobras and scorpions, toxic vapors And thick smoke, all dissipate when the name Of Avalokitesvara resounds in the air. And so too Ominous clouds, striking lightning, hail and rainstorms— Fading before the powers of Avalokitesvara. The multitude Of sentient beings, ensnared in myriad sorrows, shall find Release in the wondrous wisdom of Avalokitesvara, which Can alleviate all worldly pains and anxieties. Replete with Divine powers, and forever perfecting his wisdom and ease, He manifests in all the lands across the ten quarters.
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