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Cherishing DiaLogical Earth
More Yang/Yin Conversation with Adam Robersmith Robersmith (p. 47, Justice On Earth): " is showing us something important: We are affecting our climate and ecosystems in ways that are detrimental to life on the planet and to how we live." Yin: Science and conscience are discovering and uncovering important health wealth: We are degenerating our climate and formerly more robust ecosystems in ways that are detrimental to life and love and win/win restorative justice on Earth and to how we could more non-violently live cooperatively together rather than competitively apart. Robersmith: "We know that we need to change how we act as a species." Yin: We feel how we are transforming how we do not win/win act as if we cared about our own extended future as a healthy and wealthy species. Robersmith: "We should have changed as a nation long ago, yet we have not." Yin: We could restore global justice as one EarthTribe identity, yet LeftBrain Straight White Male Dominance has not gone in this Both/And non-violent direction, heuristically tolerating Either/Or Ego v Eco HealthySelf v WealthyOther Left v Right intolerance. Robersmith: "Scientists are offering research that has been confirmed repeatedly and making predictions that should frighten us all into behaving differently, yet change is not coming as many of us would expect." Yin: Consciousness invites cooperative research confirmed by redundant thoughts and feelings predicting what will frighten and anger and what could heal and ease us all into inviting win/win cooperative eco-political ownership, non-violently resilient. Robersmith: "Research shows that our acts disproportionately affect the poor and oppressed all over the world, yet we continue to use harmful technologies and resources." Yin: Consciousness bicamerally feels and knows our win/lose left-brain dominant acts disproportionately and adversely influence poor and oppressed and ourselves non-elite populations all over Earth, yet we continue to use toxic energy, fuel, violent technologies and non-repurposed natural/spiritual resources. Robersmith: "It seems that simply presenting information is not enough." Yin: It seems that presenting terrifying run-and-throw-away indigestible shame and blame information is not enough. Robersmith: "Scaring people with doomsday scenarios-- even if they are based on our very best knowledge-- does not produce sufficient change." Yin: Scaring ourselves with lose/lose doomsday scenarios-- even though rooted in our best democratic healthcare knowledge-- does not produce resonant win/win gratitude attitude. Robersmith: "In fact, it often creates resistance." Yin: In cooperatively felt fact, we create self-isolating emotional shame and blame resistance to violent messages of despair. Robersmith: "Making pollution and waste and overconsumption sinful or shameful has some effect, but not enough to change how we behave as a culture or make policy as a nation." Yin: Framing pollution and waste and disassociating from win-now/lose-future overconsumption as anthropocentrically sinful and elitist shameful has some eco-political power, but not sufficient to restore health to how we behave as a communal covenanted sacred polyculture or make policy as a state, a locality, a municipality, an extended family. Robersmith: "While these debates continue, people around the world suffer with changes they are unable to ameliorate, and those with the least power and resources suffer most of all." While win/win-seeking dialogue does not continue, EarthTribes competitively suffer with isolating military-industrialized capitalism as usual we are unable to heal, and those people and species and regenerative macro-living systems with the least ego-resonant power and privately-held resilience and natural/spiritual health/wealth resources suffer most dualistically divided of all.
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