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The Australian Bush Fires
I Listen up and I'll tell you a truth shall I about crazy hysteria and a convenient lie. About how the burning Australian bush fires are blamed on "climate change" deniers, to convince you of global warming and that the climate is transforming. About the zealot Church of Climatology who follow their doomsday cult ideology and bow to a brainwashed little girl who preaches the end of the world, but what they don't tell you are the facts for fear of condemnation it attracts. II Listen up and I'll tell you a truth shall I that Australia has always been wet and dry. This land of fire, drought and flooding rain burns and floods again and again. Thus these fires are not "unprecedented" such as the bias media misrepresented - they shout the mantra of "climate change" but the facts like themselves they derange. The fires they blame on hotter days but not the arsonists that set them ablaze, and not the highly combustible eucalypt trees that burn faster and hotter by degrees. III Listen up and I'll tell you a truth shall I about how when fools play wise people die. And how eco-fascist environmental laws are the reason the bush fire roars; how the huge forest fuel loads uncleared fed the infernos like true nature lovers feared. The media cry "man-made" destruction instead of woeful winter hazard reduction; the drought they blame on oil, gas and coal but not the cooling Indian Ocean dipole, and now that summer's torrential rains fall that too is "climate change" they bawl! IV First we had the fearmongering Al Gore who for his crusade got richer and richer more. They said "mass starvation...crops will fail" yet we grow at an unprecedented scale. They said more extreme weather events are due when the data shows the opposite is true. They crowed the Maldives would disappear but guess what, 30 years later they're still there. They said Tuvalu is sinking as sea levels rise but satellite mapping showed it increased in size. And now they bow and pray to Greta who prophesies death and cries "how dare you!". V Add Attenborough, another crackpot who told us the polar bears were dying...not! Prince Charles, Harry & Meghan spoke but they are the princes and princess of woke. Hollywood too, those dumb smug elites in their private jets full of their own conceits. Now they speak of an existential threat and scare our kids into a doomsday mindset. That civilisation will end in their lifetime and that to me is an unforgivable crime. O Australia! your dust is in my veins, this land of fire, drought and flooding rains. ———- Post script: since I wrote this satellite mapping has discovered that these bush fires were 24% smaller in area than first claimed by the media; Bureau of Meteorology; and local, state, federal Government bureaucrats looking to politicise this event for their own ends. In other words... MORE FAKE NEWS! February 2020 Note: I'm no Vulcan but I am a man swayed by logic, facts, and sensible debate. All of which were non-existent in the hysterical world wide reporting of the Australian bush fires. You were all messaged by one narrative - that it was all proof of climate change. That's a very dishonest unfactual politically motivated assessment of what occured this summer. Here are some facts to consider:- One myth was that these fires were "unprecedented". Australia has had far more destructive fires with far greater loss of life and property over a far greater area going back hundreds of years. When Captain Cook landed in Australia he noted there was fire and smoke as far as the eye can see up and down its coast. Remember they said the same thing about the Amazon last year which was all a well documented lie. The Amazon had far less fires last year than it did a decade ago and a lot of the fires were from lands already cultivated being prepared for planting - a common practice in Brazil. Green ideologically driven enviromental eco-warriors in local and State governments who are responsible for the management of land care have over many years now campaigned and inacted laws preventing farmers and land owners from hazard reduction burns in winter and clearing fire breaks to reduce the risk of catastrophic fires. A practice that's been going on for millennia by the native aborigines and settlers. Australia's forests are among the most combustible in the world due to the prevalence of eucalyptus trees - they are everywhere. We are in a severe drought and they were warned by fire experts that it was a dangerous perfect storm waiting to happen. Also successive Green State and Federal governments have banned selective logging and closed off national parks and reserves so that no one is allowed in to maintain them. The only thing unprecedented about the bush fires this summer has been the hysteria and number of arsonists and idiots who intentionally or accidentally start these fires. 85% of all fires in Australia are started by human beings so do the math. We've had well over a thousand fires - even by my poor arithmetic that means a record number of arsonists and halfwits but you won't hear that in the alarmist media. Some fun facts: Carbon Dioxide is essential to the planet for photosynthesis to assist in plant growth etc. An increase in CO2 is actually not a bad thing as it makes the planet greener (though it is not desirable). Natural emissions through plants and the oceans and the biosphere dwarf human emissions. Australia's CO2 emissions are 1.3% of total human emissions; and human emissions are approximately 3% of all emissions; and CO2 only makes up 0.04% of the earth's atmosphere. SO HEAR amount of emissions reduction in Australia will ever prevent one bush fire!
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