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Keeping Healthy Hearts
I see and hear a great overlap between left-brain dominant education, straight white male privileged political power, and capitalist win/lose Elite ballistic gamesmanship. But, as importantly, what do you hear see feel believe about ingredients for violating plutocracy and for degenerative fading public health and competitive uncivil miseducation? I have been listening, sometimes with active curiosity, sometimes with excruciating patience, for what we will do to make Earth healthy again, to make these United States wealthy again and not quite so depressing and angry and narcissistic, to make my family life happy again, to make my ego more resiliently compassionate again. I would love to clearly hear to more safely see to warmly feel your vision of local economic political public and private health, your dreams of everyday ecological and/or theological Paradise. Meanwhile I have been writing my dreams and visions. These are times of longing but also imagining radical and profound belonging, green communion, cooperative democratic ownership and mutual non-violent management, co-responsive, positive correlational, administration, compassionately responsible civility, regenerative win/win civic duty that feels safer, warmly sufficient and more significant, transparently known and knower of more neighbors including our Elder Trees, GrandMother Moon cycles and recycling nutritional systems, Father Sun's enlightenment, EarthMother's cooperative empowerment, EcoFeminist co-investment. I wonder if you might enjoy reading these dreams of a time when we are not judged by the color of our skin or by who we love, nor even shamed and/or blamed for those we can but hate, who feel too full of themselves to gracefully tolerate. I have been noticing how stuck in a viral climate of anxiety I feel while haunted by the first lines of an "If" poem (Rudyard Kipling?) my third grade teacher knew we must all memorize "If you can keep your [dream] when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you..." I'm wondering if you, too, feel this is our first step toward climate health, compassion therapy, non-violent communication, cooperative co-investment, resilient and robustly wealthy democracy, to share our new and old green deal dreams as tools for NonZero Sum imagination and not weapons for perpetuating competing ZeroSum Other fears, divestment away from NonElite species, Spirited forms of warmly restoring nature Win/Win revolutionary when not so much LeftBrain Win/Lose devolutionary. I so hope you will write down and out to share your green and full ultra-nonviolent dream with me, so we can see which are light and which are dark, first steps for us to decide bicamerally thought and felt, bilaterally well fed mountain peaks of passion and river valleys of healthiest pleasure. Dreams of running together on a Health Platform; healthy democracy for wealthy economy for healthy ecopolity for wealthy democratic energy.
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