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We Began Somewhere
We all began somewhere not our own and not on our own. All life began somewhere within Earth's regenerative systems not our own, as did Earth Her EcoSelf. No one is autonomously entitled to sustained ego-awareness, much less self-promoting narcissism. Earth began someplace beyond His/Her own north v south, west revolving east re-evolving west, inside v outside, inhale v exhaling organic ergodically balancing life systems Regenerating in and out down and back up lungs and tipping conscious points in seasonally revolving light, power, empowerment, enlightenment... Earth's ecosystemic wholeness also may be and become bilateral political correctness, democratically self-correcting only if His/Her outcomes are multiculturally developing non-violent regenerative nutritional nurturing growth, empowerment of organic Earth's entire sinking ship, on which non-20/20 competitive verbal debates replace, supplant, struggle against cooperative non-violent, and typically non-verbal dialogue, Actions and reactions of co-passion may be Left politically correct through intentionally cooperative economics and communication where Right politically correct has unintentionally devolved into unhealthy undemocratic too rabidly competitive win/lose capital-driven [not full-body health derived] economics supporting apartheid segregation of multiculturally nurturing histories, too distant from GoldenRule internal/external Original Intent for wealthy regenerative outcomes, inhaling expansions, exhaling contractions, meeting in transitional cooperative inspirations... Climates distracted by dissonant disempowerment, bullying by supremacist inhumane Elites gratuitously ungrateful overinfested in negative Yang violence, macro- and micro-economic EarthCommons aggression, mis- and dis-communication, absence of positive-positive relationship, Financial divestments against that sacred Other from which we are all derived, whether theologically or ecologically, or both/and, while playing win/lose power games-- politically incorrect. EarthSource is a living planet, but threatened now, where correctness is not democratically, interdependently, contagiously, virally, revolutionary healthy regenesis And incorrectness is plutocratically leftbrain too Yang-dominant veering off toward a too autonomous too anthropocentric pathologically degenerating EarthClimate. RightWing elitism, measuring loyalty by Either we are all orthodoxically uniform Or they are wrong, rather than Polyculturally inclusive healing monoculturally exclusive nested scales of healthy reverse-hierarchy, wherein appreciative curiously warm invitation overwhelms mere tolerance of win/lose historical separations, divisions, dissociations, dissonance between cognitive left and affective right Creolization succeeds and supercedes leftbrain's contingent ego-colonization, RightBrain ecofeminist circles surround leftbrain egopatriarchal autonomously competitive hierarchies, LeftWing natural interdependent correctness, non-elitist green democracy, originates from compassionate EarthSource warm wet wombed intent At least asking in wondrous awe if anyone, human or otherwise, has ever become the intended victim of any EarthWorshiper.
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