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One Kiss
* Single moments of passion can last forever ... (re-posted for a friend) * ~ Your silken skin gleams opaline, Bathed in Luna's soft wash of azure ... Like a porcelain Madonna by Michelangelo Conjured to life by the magic of moonlight, Your eyes open just long enough to affix mine And affirm I'm in a mode of veneration, (you're casting the line). The soft details of your visage above me Are close enough to occupy my entire gaze, But far enough that I can interpret your every expression, And you're well aware of it, (setting the hook). As your gentle sway attends the cadence of my heart and core, You teasingly open your eyes just far enough To let me know they're rolled back in an aspect of rapture, And by seductive design You nip your lower lip with your teeth and hold it there, (Reeling me in, your carnal captive). The beating catches in my chest and takes my breath with it, Heaving up and arching you with it's wake. As you take advantage of my movement, My breath finally returns in a guttural sigh, And as if trading an erotic dialogue, Your supple chili pepper lips curve into a gentle smile, Born of the knowledge that I'm now completely at your mercy. The spice in your smile freezes my gaze to your mouth, And my mind's eye conjures up fresh, plump raspberries And whipped cream, Making me thirst for the nectar-sweet taste of what's inside. As if my thoughts were your own, Your smile relaxes and parts just enough to tempt me With the fleshy fruit of your tongue, And I reach up with my right hand to the back of your head, (My left hand has it's own quarry). Weaving my fingertips through your hair, I pull your head downward as you relax, Until your face is just close enough to be out of reach of mine, And you turn it quickly to the side So it's completely bathed in moonlight, (You know well how that slays me - the moon painting your skin). Eyes still closed, The sexy smirk returns to your face With the confirmation, (via my sighs), That your seductive game is having it's desired affect. Repeating the process, you turn your face back toward me And play peek-a-boo with your tongue, Opening your smile just enough to torment me with it's moist gleam, Bouncing playfully just inside your mouth, As if waiting for it's first taste of ice cream. You relax your neck And I pull your head gently but firmly down again toward mine, But as before you turn your face at the last moment, Smile sensuously, and taunt me with your parted lips, Your sugary tongue making more of an appearance each time. After tempting me with this ritual, 'juste assez' , You stop one more time short of my face, But this time it's MY mouth that stays closed. You softly brush my lips with the tip of your tongue and wait, As I continue my role now of the reluctant lover, Turning the tables of this tease, (if only in my mind). We both know it's all for show, however, And that you're in complete control of the game, Holding all the carnal cards, as it were. Very slowly and deliberately, Your eyes finally open and hook with mine, The reflected light of the moon just enough To sparkle life Into that gaze that RUINS me - Sullen and vulnerable and YOURS - Yours, to the depths of my bare soul, where I can't run or hide Or escape the grasp of your heart on my very being, Where love's visceral truth cries out for it's own knowledge, Where it longs to be consumed by it's own passionate hatred For anything that isn't US. My breath is gone again, And this time it keeps catching in my gut, And I keep gasping for it's return, But that LOOK holds me boundless, As my body holds yours. Our spirits are melded so completely That I almost feel ALONE, We are so much one element that "we" feels like "I", And it terrifies me. How can I be looking into your eyes And feel so completely taken by you That I AM you, and you I? I have to close my eyes for an instant, Just long enough to remember where I am and WHO I am, And when I open them again yours are closed, (thank god), And my breath finally returns in a massive surge of adrenaline, My dopamine-filled blood rushing throughout, My skin awakening to your touch. I look up at you And the sexy, knowing smile is still warming your face, (My reward is close now). My hand is still on the back of your head, And I relax my grip just enough to let your hair fall, And you shake it gently so it now hangs about your face, Framing it like an angel's halo. I very softly pull your face down toward mine one more time, (Still smiling, I'm helpless before you), And just before your nose touches mine You twist your head slightly to match me, And your hair falls thickly between our mouths. At last I am rewarded for my patience, At last you reel in your helpless catch ... Having driven me to the brink, You finally take pity on me. With your mouth open, I drink you in Like a man who has crossed a desert without water - Spicy smile, raspberry lips, creamy tongue, angel hair, A salty tinge from your glistening skin - All are a honey tangle in our mouths, Stirred by a love, passion, and closeness unimaginable. I close my eyes and give in to it ALL, Letting you take me ... Willing to do all you wish ... I am home, I am complete, I am fulfilled and nourished and quenched ... I am a fool for your kiss ... I am YOURS. ~ 10th Place ~ in the "Help Me Fall In Love" Poetry Contest, Mystic Rose, Judge & Sponsor. ~ 1st Place ~ in the "Your Best Free Verse Love Poem Poetry Contest", John Hamilton, Judge & Sponsor. ~ 1st Place ~ in the "Strand Choice 2, Any Form, Any Theme" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Judge & Sponsor.
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