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Stop Killing My Country
Stop Killing My Country Accused of political banter, to speak the words, God Bless, and America in the same sentence. Bespeaking the fear, of being proud, just to be born in a land free from tyranny. Where anyone can still be more... than they were, before they got here, for the price of a ticket. and a stamp, a dream to be better than all others, to stand together, for something greater than self. Words of hate and surreal punishments given by the overly offended for nothing more, then the disagreement that all fires are hot, or at least... the ones we start and the ones we can not... put out. What clarity would you request of the new year, that you could not see before now? The year itself, 2020. Plain and perfect sight, historically, and for our future... all of us. What chance at a life without pain and death, at the whim of someone that does not even... now your name, or that you exist? Tyrants that hide behind small rockets. Afraid of face powder and lipstick, building empty cities, to make-believe, in their own world. Convincing their populace, they are okay... living in the dark. Deathly fearful, they will find out, the truth...bleeding through the air, the atmosphere of deceit, clearing slowly, regardless of the efforts, pressed and molded by the black. Others building in even larger zones... of emptiness, Ruled by heartless human haters, dividers between those that have... and those that have not, putting their trash into the ocean, making their problem yours, ours and not theirs at all. Cheating their own people... out of living. Putting some in prisons, to harvest, others just there to rot. It is the same as it has always been, change is too hard. There is just more of it all. Lands that left us dreaming of Sinbad, and innocence slain by the saber... for the color of blood, women and children the victims, of the victimless peaceful religion... to be sprinkled over the border, of a wall in a city too far from here, that can not hold back the tide, of users of small children, dealers of drugs and hell itself, brought to us by criminals that are set free, by Our Own Politician's that live behind fences, and get paid for doing nothing more... then tearing down the country, by its very basic and historic foundations. Forefathers pacing the halls of heaven, speaking words we can not hear. The flag still waving in spite of the best efforts, of those using OUR OWN Freedoms, given to all, too stab and kill, with zest. If you can not abide by the rules, if you have no desire to bend the knee... or assimilate and call this your home, "In God We Trust" interregnal to the premise, of all men are created equal... please feel free to return to whatever country, is free'er, kinder, nicer, gentler, and above all safer... than the very one, you live in now. Then... Shout your obscenities from the prisons, of your own land, where you would face, torture and death, for the words you freely cast, out upon those that gave you peace, and the hand of acceptance.
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