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Congressional Grace
I'm still reading Your Resonant Self, by Dr. Sarah Peyton, speaking of how contempt destroys relationships formerly cooperative and, thereby, healthy. Disgust about oneself and contempt against Other are interrelated, like ego and eco, like Yang and Yin, "Humans seem to be capable of disconnecting from others [and our disgusting selves] on a large scale or small scale." (p. 209) I'm reminded of listening to the Trump Impeachment Debate, hearing contempt for democratic dialogue, for loyalty to win/win trust, transparently positive energy democracy, vulnerability to unmediated light, healthy curiosity about unthreatening differences and contrasts, courage to choose compassion, for self and other solidarity default, for ego and eco inside and outside healing climates, rather than contempt. Not that congressional debates are suddenly plagued by partisan win/lose rhetorical strategies. As a communication and a psychology major, I learned ancient techniques for persuasion, for attitude change. But, an underlying safe non-partisan environment of mutual trust, of loyalty to a healthy cooperative Earth, is requisite for a resilient democracy, and precludes giving way to the contagious temptations of contempt against any OtherParty, disgust about endemic economic and political corruption of my own run-away win/lose internalized Party. But, I have two points seen more clearly through Dr. Peyton's bicameral "Resonance": One, we are capable of national disconnecting shared-identity contempt against threatening Other because we were born win/win capable, from warm attachment healthy birth of cooperative compassionate development toward healthy adult/adult resilient relationships, rooted in our shared destiny as bicameral EarthDwellers, EarthTribe, Mother EarthWomb Integralists. Second, contempt grows nationalistic partisanship because localized compassion can also go viral, global, primordially universal contagious wealth of health-empowerment values making resonant living systems possible, re-creative potentiating As darkness can be noticed as dark only by those capable of remembering light, power womb enlightenment, empowerment, passion, compassion, advent, Christmas Birth, Lent, Easter EgoDeath, Republic elite mediation, Democrat non-elitism, rhetorical contempt, non-violent passion narrative, red rightwing self-righteous rage, green leftwing other-leftoutness synergy Wishing all ego-parties and ecosystems healthy wealth of EarthPassionate ChristMass political body-mind climates economically double-bound nature-spirits secular-sacred cooperative co-investors both out and in, eco and ego within Earth's dialogical CoPassion.
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