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Disorganized Religion
As traumatized as I am by the history of organized elitist creeds, including religious and judicious, I am even more terrified by my experience of disorganized unnatural spirituality, dissociated bicamerality, unenchanting mono-laterality, win/lose egocentrism, narcissism, flirting with lose/lose climates of nihilism, anthropocentric chauvinism, inhumane unnatural straight white male business as usual supremacy, left brain dominant elitism. I get it, I notice, unpopular conflict of legitimate business interest decisions have followed win/lose monotheistic competitive stress-inducing sleep-depriving evolutionary economic modeling of mortal depression trends, But, we could expand this win/lose left-brain dominant experience to celebrate confluence of multicultural interests, multiplication where lies monoculturing divisions, summations where now lie win or lose negations of all that lies outside patriarchal structures of incorporated militarized competitions. We might, together, more warmly and fluidly notice chaotic decisions follow monoculturing elitist paths of least win/lose resistance, Business As Colonizing Usual memory patterns. We might refocus away from in-toxic-ation with mortal nature systems oppressed by win/lose monopoly, at best, future aggressive prospects for EgoCenters v EcoEarth natural power economies, eventual inevitable loss, depression, degenerative ultimate pathology trends of dissociation. We might notice who chooses to make elitist SWM corporate retributive justice decisions. We might notice, with more win/win warm empathy, disproportional habitats of military-industrialized young adult wounds, reducing sacred and restorative MotherEarth to a convenient waste disposal site, natural (so un-spiritual?) resource extraction, repression, and anthro-centric theft, pollution of air, water, soil, left-brain dominant minds, win/lose informed deformed anti-bodies. We might notice several displaced non-elite subcommunities subclimates suspicious of SWM enculturation having been history's stress absorbers, racist and elitist and sexist and homophobic dissociation, segregation, apartheid, non-elite capital shortage of income prejudice and win/lose ecopolitical perpetuation, limited win/win communication access, left/right co-empowerment life-skills, co-relational peace intelligence, co-empathic intention toward healthiest wealth, We might win/win notice limited access to mind and body health resources, assurances, restorations, reweavings, regenerations of integral wealth and value policies Listening with more multicultural right-brain intelligence and speaking with less monocultural left-brain verbal dominance, on behalf of noticing right-brain's long matriarchal ecofeminist herstory of interdependent domestically and globally intersectional metaphor, poly-paradigmatic health systems for win/win EarthMother thrival. We might notice this 2020 bicameral revolution revisions every win/lose Business As Usual systemic thing Into an interdependently living organic global, yet universal integral synergetic multicultural communication co-relational regeneratively resilient energy democracy. As traumatized as I am by the history of organized religion, I am even more terrified by Earth's subclimate of succeeding spiritual wealth promises without also winning Earth's natural health performance, attitude, compassion, Left/Right mutual gratitude.
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