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I saw the bitter tears of unhappiness Running down your agonizing face, Ravaged with pain, And I became a sponge of compassion To absorb them. I heard the howling Of your starving stomach, Echoing throughout your rebellious drained veins, And I became a sweet loaf of bread To feed you. I tasted the torturous thirst Of your dry lips, Burning fire, consuming your every single tissue, And I became the vivifying fresh water To quench it. I sensed the presence of sickness In your tormented body, Devouring your vibrant well-being, And I became salutary medicine to nurse you Back to health. I felt the terror In your trembling gracious heart, Scaring away your lofty humane virtues, And I became fortifying courage to obliterate Your distressful fears. I found you lost in the darkness Of joyless desperation, Walking towards the abominable cliffs of self-distraction, And I became a bright ray of hope to guide you To self-realization. I discovered you shivering in the middle of savage winter, Wandering around without a roof over your frozen head, And I became a shelter of warmth to protect you From merciless cold. I watched you suffering from excruciating solitude, Feeling the ever depressing loneliness in your tormented soul, And I became your constant Caring companion. I noted the torture Of merciless rejection, Destroying your wonderful, tender feelings, And I became Your faithful loved one. I observed you struggle In the rough sea of life, fighting your way, Over the ominous waves of human malice, And I became a solid boat of charity To bring you on the serene shore. I witnessed your efforts To climb the mountains of desirable success, Struggling, hopelessly, up the steep path of attainment, And I became a firm ladder of mercy To help you reach the very top. I discerned you fighting against your brutal enemies Trying to overcome their beastly power, With your bare hands, And I became a heavy sword of justice To make you victorious. I perceived the sharp arrow Of relentless death, Heading towards your loving, caring heart, And I became a shield of concern To save your precious life. You ask me why I do all these things for you... The answer is very simple my friend: It is because I LOVE YOU! © Demetrios Trifiatis 26 November 2019 * I would like to thank all of you my friends because without your presence and your appreciation the honor of POTD wouldn't have been possible. I would also like to thank the officials of Poetrysoup for the honor bestowed on my poem!
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