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Multiculturing Communion
Our anti-racism, pro-polyculturing health anti-egopatriarchy, pro-ecofeminist wealth anti-homophobic, pro-trans-regenerative anti-injustice Team, pro-restoring peace Organizers Meet inside a viciously anti-outdoor windowless airless music-less museless left-brain oppressively dominant room, climate, atmosphere, attitude of ungratitude. Two women I passionately admire, would warmly accompany within any outdoor sacred space, are doing their best to tolerate each win/lose Other rather than actively extending curiosity with each win/win AnOther potential integrity, Noticing a difference between negative anticipatory weapons and positively honing each Other's communication tools for win/win processing, progressing solidarity that does not quickly or easily, comfortably, much less smugly, dispassionately, or ego-satisfactorily make peace by inviting a short-term truce, settling for continuing a win/lose communication walled history, quick to celebrate remaining obvious win/wins yet blind to long-term risks of win/lose miscommunication predicting internal/external climate trends of lose/lose chronically anxious anti-communion dis-communication, cognitive/affective dissonance. I am not clear what to do, how to intervene to invite win/win reconsideration without bombing our planning process, and risking the mistrust of both strong and skilled women. I'm new to this anti-racism/pro-multiculturing sociological/ecological co-relational inner/outer climate Team for healing anthropological/ethological history, for unraveling monoculturing excesses of humans and weeds, predators unwilling to recognize balancing co-presence of prey, secular thinkers advancing sacred interdependent non-elite feelings. It's my first time meeting with, listening to, speaking with two of the five of us, neither of which were the two in a lose/lose chronic trend of trust and positive communication failure. Yet I am also concerned about our viability to engage our purpose statement: "To end racism." Which feels like more than a quick and small win/win stretch of even my most active no-longer-tolerating win/lose detente imagination. How will we immerse ourselves, and help even just our local communities compassionately and sustainably engage each other in robust multiculturally trusting our mutual curiosities across traditional monocultural communication divides, long multigenerational histories of weakened communication loops, lack of healthy ongoing inclusive relationships? If two of our most skilled listeners, compassionate speakers, are not actively curious about how we do and do not significantly matter to each other yet, how we do and do not yet passionately trust in each Other's warmest win/win regard, safety, trust, health. Perhaps if we had formed an outdoor planning circle we might have noticed beauty communicated by egoless lilies sharing a meadow, anticipating resonance and anxious warnings of birdsong basking in peaceful warm sun as primal message of co-attachment accompaniment within, between among all restoring peace as communal justice EarthTribes. Perhaps we might have remembered forest intelligence; A tree's ecological root system, developed to harvest and implant trusted nutrients, And a tree's theological sun-praising branch and leaf systems developed to feed and fuel future regenerations of life, Like right-brain old-rooted both/and discernment to avoid our left-brain dominant either/or secular/sacred outside/inside mistrusts that Earth's ecological nutrition communication and theological sacred power relationships could be anything more or less than secular/sacred outside/inside cooperative win/win articulation resonantly outside Earthed, birthed inside through resiliently radiant light co-passionately re-fueling processing mutually maturing enriching courageous multicultural curiosity, inside health as intoned multicultural wealth outside; Outdoors as seasonally rhythmed mutually accompanying indoors.
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