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I call for the unification of all tribes under the stars, North, East, South, West to merge for one cause, a universal cause it's the inevitable, etched in universal laws We have long been expecting us, for we are the Warriors Of The Apocalypse Mother earth cries out for her sorrows run deep our higher selves have been stifled by a unconscious sleep, we are all born to be great for we are born by the Great One it's a time of reckoning, of prophecy under the sun, evil has risen against us and so we too must rise up our spirits have been dormant now its time to erupt, we must rid the world of religion for there is only but one a religion of Love a religion of Compassion, no wars no division as our creator has envisioned no chains no shackles no spiritual bars of prison, for if we do nothing than nothing will ever happen so we must think greater come together and live a life full of passion, just expand your mind, think and imagine now is our time to rise up and take action, now is the time to awake from this deep hypnosis there's answers hidden and revealed through gnosis, they say my hunger for knowledge is so ferocious I smile, as I break spells of hocus pocus repelling curses of magic potions, so courageous, my heart is deep deeper than the deepest oceans United we stand, divided we fall one family under the heavens and liberty for all Unite all tribes in the name of humanity for where do we dare to go if man has no destiny? I grasp my sword illuminated with light to awake my brethren my mighty sword I raise shouting to the heavens, I call all heavenly angels to rally there troops for the new kingdom to come has long been overdue, higher ideals we should pursue just like the great ones of old who lived for this truth, unite all tribes for the sake of uniting for the roads of old are worn out and uninspiring, all gears are in motion lets get those cylinders firing the same ol' tried and tested methods are expiring, the new is ascending to rise and yes there rising the darkness disperses as soul by soul begins shining, so light your souls on fire for as the world await a Great and Mighty one the light will illuminate that you are it, and your time has come You see the key awaits in our aching hearts find it, unlock it, and tear what once was apart, for you are more than you think you are for the depth of our souls are deeper than our scars, you know they fear the day you stake claim to your power for weak men live fearful and fear we devour, Jesus Christ I pray for the lost and fallen open there eyes so they find some guidance and pursue there calling, you await a true leader, but you must lead the way the road to salvation prefers courage over trust any day So you want a peaceful world? than live peaceful You want to see and believe in true love? than love yourself You want to see mighty men rise to greatness? than rise up For to change the world we must first change ourselves Than and only than can we eradicate these purgatory blues The world that awaits is hard to describe but we cannot taste it unless we Unite All Tribes, we cannot wait anymore for time is the essence inevitably time runs out even for the stars in heaven, but who waits for greatness when it's a hands reach away? who waits for a life of purpose when you can grasp it on this day? who awaits truth when its waiting in the chambers of your heart? who awaits for the game changer when you can be that change and set yourself apart? who waits to soar so high and mighty in a fallen world to be a legend like the legendary Thunderbird? for we are all legends once we find our wings suppressed we are us Queens and Kings, I had a vision in my waking dream to speak of a time that's yet to be seen, and so I found a pen and labeled it my sword of truth and so this message I pass on to you Usurp the ego for it is rotten and full of pride and RISE I say and UNITE ALL TRIBES
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