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Mad Woman Walk
Walk see the mad woman a come Walk a come she just a come Listen to how she talk she is not one of us She sound like an aristocrat and a sensational bureaucrat The idlers screamed from the other side of the street Marks man, guards man and all kind of security guard in security van coming out with big long gun in the burning sun Assembling this ridiculous walk as part of the security task People come from afar to do the mad woman walk They say that Hollywood is in town but it feels like A security masquerade going on in town. No rehearsal, no script Just some crazy people improvising mischievous words To irritate me in an absolute virtual world. They come from America and they come from England They come from Canada, China, Latin and South America Coke head, drugs head, marijuana head, mentally derange people wearing dirty stinking clothes doing this ridiculous walk in the miserable town. Everyone was in the mix, doing the walk as part of jest Old gal cut out Jeans wear style steal the summer fashion show It took the street by storm and everyone could be identified with this style old and young middle age and even the babe can be identified with the ole gal cutout jeans fashion line. They come in bus, taxi and minivan To do the walk in their old gal cut out jeans fashion Pretty girls with long braided hair that look like charred ends Hanging down from the fire that was put out in their head Blue hair, purple hair, red hair, green hair, gray hair and all type of hairstyle parading around the town, circling round and round And doing the mad woman walks up and down. All types of body size was on parade, big bust small bust and others that could not be fitted into brassier, something significant caught my attention during the walk procession, an overweight woman could not complete the walk so she had to be pushed her on a street cart. People from every creed and color came out in droves to do the mad woman’s walk. This look more like the rapture family members moving together Some in large groups, other in small groups, baby on the mother’s breast, old and feeble people moving in wheel chair, come to town to do the mad woman’s walk. Big trucks and all type of truck, heavy duty commercial trucks, rolling into town and crawling beside the walking freaks walking up and down the busy street. No camera is rolling outside; they are hidden and positioned on many buildings on every side, hot spots and every corner just like the Truman story that started in the United States of America. Sometimes it feels like a police operation and another time it feels like a global investigation, the policemen and soldiers were all over town calculating and messing all around. The entire town is a part of the set and you have be careful how you sit on the balcony because my camera will show you no mercy. People just deported, from the England, America and Canada and all the money-less visitors was part of the walking masquerade .Everybody looked like mad men and mad women walking up and don’t the street without any real intention, some going to the same van over and over with no purpose or sense of direction, they just come to do the mad woman’s walk. I hang out on the corning and listen to their derogatory talk They curse me and the curse you. Then they say dirty things about me and you. We were the only ones that did not do the walk. I leave my home with a purpose and I returned with a purpose and I am not waking around without a purpose. They come from far to do the mad woman’s walk Some end up at Kentucky with an empty bag with no chicken Others found an empty bank account, while parading over the town Some found their credit card cancelled and the money in their bank account stolen. If this is Hollywood meddling in town, where is the budget and the actors check? Why are you squeezing money from the people’s pocket to fund the project you should be feeding the people if you are using them? There is no business in town and the money is running out Taxi began to park and the for sale signs is up again. Church people are doing the mad woman’s walk, pastor and evangelist alike and the entire church congregations are doing the mad woman walk; some walking with empty boxes and others moving with heavy props. People from every community, districts and small village, join hands in hand to do the mad woman walk. All the children are having fun, they are running up and down and doing the mad woman’s walk up and down the street. Every day they give me a new name, some say that I am a mad woman; others say that I am the FBI, one man say that I am an undercover cop. Another say that I am the pope, another said that I am the general, yet another said that I am the star of the show. Everybody all over the world, come let us do the mad woman walk. The dogs are enjoying it, but the cats are not in it. The evening is winding down and the show is homeward bound and I am the mad woman who is the talk of Linstead town.
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