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How PeaceWarriors Do It
The sacred power climax experience of holy integrity is more of a one time of full-baptismal rebirth into a depleting orgasmic fertility event for horny patriarchs of global monoculturally zealous redemption Left-hemisphere dominant West-hemisphere universal either/or commodified/useless monopoly on value of wealth, disvalue of poverty, marginalization, abandoned, disowned, divorced from wealth's original health regenerative intent DNA inspired/expired/transpired/OK, just plain spired, Bilaterally spirited, bicamerally effluent, timeless flow-power wombed and webbed, seeded and Yin/Yang Both/And egged. Multiculturally healthy resonant climates are more of this slow-grown experiential climax and deja-vu all over again re-climax peak and valley wave-linear spiraling herstoric eco-mythic events of ongoing MotherEarth reclimax; More of a communal process of mini-critical attachment/detachment events recreating orgasmic fertile climates for regeneratively cooperative global forest/local multicultural tree-lover ecofeminists resiliently co-invested in intimately local polycultural intersectional frames for viewing health/wealth creation co-arising processes; ReCreative tensions tipping points between YangUniversal Either/Or thinking AND YinUnitarian Both/And dialogical co-arising feelings of polypathic co-attachment To resilient spatial EarthPlace and resonantly polyphonic ZeroSoul GeoCentric BiNomial Time for multiculturing creolizing local with global experience with theoretical felt with thought touched and listened right with left sacred why with secular what resonant flow with resiliently wide strong bold robust abundantly progressive freedom yet non-extractive, non-violent revolutionary peak peace-warriors ego/eco-therapeutic 20-20 audio-visual 4D RealTime = EarthJustice spacetime co-operating transubstantiating communal interdependent neurological DNA-transpiraling health/wealth co-arising transportive communion experience Every leaf a rhythmic dance, a multi-colored octave song-singing tree, seen and heard by those living in forests for bicameral ears to hear Earth's nurturing/taxing waning/waxing climate feelings healthy only when wealthy values only co-arise healthy resilient integrity As radical as dancing energy cooperatively trusting democratic co-invested choreographers, MultiCultural EarthTribe communicators, deep theo/eco-logical listening learners Speaking in open transparent vulnerable invitations: Listen, my children and we shall together hear here and now Why we know we can walk our EarthLove talk if we are old enough to sing while dancing experientially in warm wet womb memory or imaged future compassion stories, operas, co-operative trust co-investments, communion days and families and villages of singing resonant mind Here and dancing resilient body Now.
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