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Peaceful Revolutions
History as we shall see is inevitably win/win felt revolutionary resonant more powerfully experienced than win/lose evolution thought theoretically resilient. Technology of YangNature, like ecology of sacred YinNurture begins with regenerative secular tools for Yang's original EarthPatriotic intentions As seen and felt in seasonal choreography, Economies of nutrition tales and transactional double-boundary strings of double-binding attachment to win/win multicultural health outcomes And ecofeminist re-attaching holistic circle cords whisper epic revolutionary rhetorical events, Life song evolution stories of unchoreographed spontaneity, win/win tools for freedom to dance with yin-spirit more graceful integrity than marching monoculturally in service of LordMaster mono-egotistic autonomous, so venomous, PatriarchalYang. Feminist theologians, like ecologicians, urge us to refrain from devolutionary lose/lose narratives apocalyptically dominating our sacred win/win climate view. We seem, at our optimistic best, ambivalently capable of re-creating our own leftbrain dominant technocentrically industrious destruction of Earth's original organic multicultural operations, Cooperative muses of sound, breath, rhythm, pattern, pitch, tone, touch, feel, smell, tasting secular health without sacred wealth within ReMembering raw spot pathology events with competitive distrust and divestment, SelfRighteously justifying our weapons for severing nature's healthy future from spirit's robust wealthy past sweet spot renaissance complexities musically resonant history ecologically resilient, LeftBrain dominant worshiping RightBrain pre-eminent original EarthMother creolization, co-acclimating tool for transubstantiating individuation of Yang/Yin identity balance double-binding co-perseverance, co-passionate ego/eco-therapeutic non-weapons for true wealth success worshiping beauty of Earth's historic PeaceMuse communion. Dissonant music recreates our own leftbrain dominant destroyer of multiculturally robust outcomes now evolving into a radically different left/right harmonic creature we have no reason to fear or suspect of becoming any relationship less than a healthy climate of resilient wealth. Our popular leftbrain dominant monoculture evolves a merely technological hubris march toward co-disempowering astronomical Testosterone, Win/Lose ZeroSum geometrically predicting our losing climate pathology future unable to neuro-musicologically accept cooperative win/win harmonic responsibility for natural/spiritual symphonic ecosystemic healthy wealth By not over-investing in leftbrain technologically entertaining explosive adventure myths and apocalyptic histories, Prophecies born of right-wing Rapture anxieties taking perverse escapist pleasure nihilistically distracting our embodied ego-centers with anti-musical fascist portrayals of our LoseLeft v LoseRight powerlessness, naked organic humanity v MotherEarth's climate revenge, Fetuses v EarthMothers freely choosing to prey upon their own resiliently nurturing wombs, Abortion of freedom to choose win/win healthy climate pre-revolutionary lives with more bilaterally balancing harmonies favoring resilient health/wealth yang/yin ego/eco-therapeutic C/E-Musing perfect third bicameral choice of rhetorical voice her with his co-passionate fertile story revolutionarily un-weaponable. PolyNomially healthy Muses co-revolving sweet spot not not PolyPhonically resonant, robust, rich Music. Mystery of internal music history, like communal external ecology, grows inevitably win/win revolutionary when more powerfully tooled multiculturally than weaponed win/lose dissonantly evolutionary.
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