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Megan's Quest Part 7of7
Megan saw what had happened and motioned a reply to the others who turned for a look. When ever so slowly the Troll King opened his eyes as the poor Talkalot wobbled and shook. The Troll King rose up and displayed a clear irritation but before he could tear them a part. The Talkalot who was cringing in a hazy frustration let loose the most thunderous of farts. The Talkalot's fart caused a green noxious haze which seemed to hang in a dense foggy mass. But to make matters worse they were dizzy and dazed as all present were trapped by the gas. They thought all hope was lost as the Troll barred the door and the situation seemed a cause of great stress. When the Troll's eyed rolled together and he fell to the floor with his hands strongly clenching his chest. They all stood quietly with no one saying a thing shocked how the Troll had succumbed to the gas. But knew they must hurry before the alarm bells might ring unsure how long the foul odor may last. The castle was quiet with no sign of alarm so they freed the Father and set on their way. When the Father spoke up, 'We must save another from harm and to this there should be no delay.' 'In a room by the stable this person resides behind a door which is locked like the others. But if we are smart and the right force is applied we may be able to free Megan's Mother.' Graygall and Regan thought them long overdue and Megan was happy to lay eyes on her Brother. But nothing compared to the elation Regan went through on first seeing his Father and Mother. The Parents and Children were filled with a tingling joy and the 'lumps were all of good cheer. As even Graygall who had been no help at all was moved and shed a great many tears. Just as the situation seemed to take a turn for the best alarm bells started ringing which rattled their souls. And for the moment it looked like the end of the quest as their short legs were no match for the Trolls. Graygall drew his sword and yelled, 'You must now close the gate. I will fight and hold them at bay. And should life be so kind to determine a much greater fate... may we meet on some better day.' Blender stepped up and declared, 'Graygall is right. You must save the Children and our dear Talkalot. I will stand with him and put up a marvelous fight giving you time to put back on the lock.' The gate was then closed and the lock was attached while the two 'lumps fought the Trolls hand to hand. When Megan cried realizing the two were no match and losing her friends was not part of the plan. They entered the wood and began the journey anew each carrying a much harsher pain. Graygall and Blender had proved courageous and true but as to those 'lumps.... they were not seen again. After two tortuous weeks they reached the family's dwelling and Megan's quest had come to an end. And Slaygon and Bestia had a hard time in telling they were leaving the most dearest of friends. 'Slaygon. What will you do? Said Megan with a tear on her cheek. 'You are both welcome to stay here with us.' 'No. We have business with Trolls and will rest for the week and then if we're lucky... we'll cause quite a fuss.' Megan then hugged Bestia and bade them good-bye. 'I owe you a debt I can never repay.' And Bestia said, 'It was an honor to serve so don't even try as we will remember you to the end of our days.' Now the townsfolk tell stories of the Bumpalump's glory and they are written on many a scroll. And an old lady's eyes will glisten when you take time to listen how her family was saved from the Trolls. Now you may be concerned what kept Megan's family from harm and stop the Trolls from returning en mass. It was the brave Talkalot's idea and it worked like a charm as the Trolls were again laid waste by his gas. Now we all must be aware that such dangers abound and be prepared for when the mayhem may start. So I suggest it wouldn't hurt to keep a small bottle around containing the gas from one of Dad's farts. The End *For those who are interested. I will be posting my cartoon 'Bob's your Uncle' on my homepage. A new one will appear every second day.
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