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Progressive Reading Brunch
Chapter 1: Deneen's Failed Liberalism (Revised Version) Developing progressivism within liberalism further iterates pervasive presentism of win/win past through future multiculturalism, A healing timelessness, progressivism grounds deep attachment toward our most sensory-nutritional past, Particularly radical cooperative customs and multiculturally bilateral geocentric traditions. While widely understood to be future-oriented, climate healthy progress rests on simultaneous assumptions that healthy resolutions must be synergetically liberated from past win/lose short-term answers, And our win/win future will have as much ecotherapeutic regard for our culture of health as we can redevelop for our ecofeminist understoried past. The future is an unknown space, and those who live in climate pathology now arrayed in fulfilling patriarchal hostility to MotherEarth-wombed past primal experience must acquire detachment toward, and a toxic win/lose simplistic faith in, an unknowable commodified and shrinking future wealth. Those whose view of Earth is guided by such cynical belief implicitly understand that our "achievements" are designed for the dustbin of lose/lose dis-climating history, Given that our wounded future regards us as win/lose stubborn today and necessarily excommunicated from resilient promise Every generation must live to polyculture ourselves with past through present consciousness. Capitalism makes humanity into consumers of Earth, and unsurprisingly, its culmination has led each generation to accumulate scandalous levels of debt to be left for its under-productive children, While rapacious exploitation of Earth's win/win integral resources continues in the anti-eco/theological fundamentalist belief that future monoculturing generations will devise a Rapture fly away way to not deal with Earth's depletions. Chapter 2: Mitchell's Instructions (Devised Edition) Earth's repletion is exactly what happened to me one day when I saw myself reflected in the Gaian faces of those around me on the street of my hometown. In this timeless moment, I recognize I am tied to them in ways that go beyond previous egocentric understanding of here/now interrelatedness. I am not only connected through some historic thread of life, but share every multi-sensory health/pathology felt climate experience with them in every emotion-noticing way. This causes me to wonder-- what if we really are all one healthy/unhealthy natural nest, Not just in a metaphysically interdependent sense, but theologically and literally one living sacred being co-passioning climate experiential sensory-neural life simultaneously in multiple languaged/unlanguaged forms. If this were true, then I am complexly encountering ourself repeatedly in the faces of ego/eco-therapeutic/toxic people I meet on every street throughout all past through future time. As I begin contemplating that possibility, another question begins to arise for me. If I am win/win repeatedly meeting ourself on polypaths of communication, how do I show up in this shared win/win well-met future? Chapter 3: Johnson's Tight Attachment Hold (Implied Version) We pinpoint this showing up healthy time in our current interrelationship when we suddenly throw off climate imbalance, when a small win/lose industrious response or lack of compassionate response suddenly seems to change our sense of health and safety with our polypathic lovers, When we become caught up in ego-reacting in a win/lose way, We know we are tied into an industrious win/lose evolutionary Capitalism Dialogue. Maybe we are also aware of a revolutionary moment when we find ourselves reacting very angrily and with terror As we go beneath this health/pathology surface reacting to our deeper historically felt emotions and unpack, raw through sweet, this integral moment of toxic climate collapse, Risking ego/eco-therapeutic win/win cooperative healthcare as multiculturally unfolding opportunity.
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