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I’m A “Street Fighter” You see the “Wings” CHUN LI “BRUCE WAYNE” “LEROY” “LU” KAME “THE LAST DRAGON BREATHS” You don’t want “NUN”-CHUCK NORE IS ANY ENTITY Check my IP MAN my Impulse “Ki” I’m the “1ONE” Fearless Jackie’s First Strike “Unleashed” In a Tuxedo Mr. Nice Guy They feel the Hits Man Ima “Swordsman Wordsmith” I’m in the New Legend Of “Shaolin” ROMEO MUST DIE MY FATHER IS A HERO HERO? Me NOPE I’m the “Mummy” from The Tomb of The “Dragon” -Emperor” It’s War when you taking down The “Forbidden Kingdom” FreeDom I Love my “Black Mask” Always meditating in my “Shaolin Temple” These martial arts of the Shaolin you don’t have the “armor of the gods” Who’s in the League? with “GODS” The “Dragon Fight”-Fighting for the King I learned the hard way through “Dark Knights” But now The “Falcon Rising” You want to SKIN TRADE? I’m a “Triple Threat” look at all the “Blood and Bones” I ain’t Undisputed but I’m the “Last Man Standing” The “Kiss Of The Dragon” Special Weapons and Tactics Now you see what I’m a “Lethal Weapon 4” “Tactiful force” I’m the RingMaster- “We The Party” The “Philly Kid Eat Breakfast Of Champions” I’m The Spawn Of The “Angry Juror” My True Identity inside the “Vigilante Diaries” Bring Ye Universal Soldiers cause this chain of command “Under Siege” Fight with “Tyson” I’m a “Monster Hunter” My Ghostwriter- a “Spirited Killer” The “Furious 7” Inside The “Protectors” And The IP Man Legacy The “BODY” GUARDS- I gained “7”Pounds If you see “Men In Black” Better “Hitch” I’m “Focused” you Bad Boys? After Earth Only the Shark Tales Of The “Collateral Beauty” Might of “Ali” I’m “Bright” Today is “ Independence Day They don’t see The Gems In I Man/ Hancock It’s Showtime I’m the “Seat Filler” Free Angela & All “Political Prisoners” Ride or Die The Pursuit Of Happyness is what The “Human Contracts” This Man on Fire but it’s still Training Day But I’m still “Taking Flight” Walking with The “Book Of Eli” Having “Deja Vu” “Jumping” “Fences” “Out Of Time” Rest In Peace All the “Fallen” In “Philadelphia” My Glory is “Unstoppable” No I don’t got on Pelicans “briefs” The Taking Of Pelham 123 On Johns Q I send a “Inside Man” with 2 Gunz Now they see the “Magnificence of the Seven” Those bodies in the “Deep Blue Sea” Is the “State of the Union” No “Bone Collectors” The Other Guys In a “Safehouse” But here’s come the Hurricane “LIVED” in a Blue Dress” SAY “HE GOT GAME” PRICELESS IS WHAT “JESUS SHUTTLES WORTH” I ain’t a Carbon Copy What’s my Heart Condition? GODS resurrecting the “Champ” An Him Is Sphere No “Reasonable Doubt” Freedomland where is it? Can’t say No Good Deeds from the “Samaritans” “Home of the Brave”? Laugh Out Loud The “Great White Hope” Lame Now all their Captains Marvel at my Shaft I’m “Changing lanes” and EKANS on a plane”still But I forgot to mention the “Hateful Eight” Don’t call the “Negotiators” or The Great “Debaters” This the “Rules Of Engagement” Im “Batman Forever” Now Jason “Bourne” who’s the Man Of The House? “HEAVEN and EARTH know I’m “Rolling Thunder” I’m the package on a stormy Monday “Left Behind” I “DRIVE ANGRY” the “CITY OF ANGELS” Now the “Moonstruck” The “Frozen Ground” Of those who “Trespass” I’m the Sun ain’t no “racing with the Moon” The Weather Stolen Man” Now when I Look ?? into the SNAKE EYES HE sees the “Spirit of “Vengeance” I see him bring out the “dead” My Ghost, Rider/Writer/ I got to pay the Ghost for my “National Treasure” I’m in Sincity A “Honeymoon in Vegas” The Runner ??UP is me I “Kick I’m Wild at Heart but I’m not a “Bad Lieutenant” You “seeking justice”? The “LORD OF WAR IS THE ROCK” Now I’m Leaving Vegas “Gone In 60 Seconds” Next, Knowing The Season Of The Witch I Ain’t A Sorcerers Apprentice But I got fangs She wants a “Vampires Kiss” The Trust Joe Blue Streaks Is Life a House Party or a “College Road Trip” “Catch the Rebound at The Beach Bum” You so Crazy!!!! Boom A Ring She Talking Dirty After Dark Catch me if you Can I’m on a Revolutionary Road Body Of Lies I’m a “Orphan” ICE on Fire you not CoLD I Love a Scent Of A Woman Cruising in a Sea Of Love in my Dreams “Insomnia” I ain’t the New Recruit/ 88 Minutes The City Hall “Doom” The Humbling “You don’t know Jack” I’m a Author! Author! Stand Up Guys You see the Scarface The Devils Advocate Any Given Sunday The Son Of No One? This is the Revolution I don’t give 2 Bits Analyze This I The GoodFellas Raging Bull that Capes Fears The Mission Grudge Match No “Hide & Seek” The Score “Angel Heart” True Confessions You little Fockers Bang The Drum Slowly The Last Tycoon I Stuck a Blade in The New Jacks City This is the Art Of War No Armed Response Passenger 57 Holding The Detonator Flow smooth The WaterDance At my Boiling Point In 7 Seconds we enter The “Drop Zone” Chirp “Murder at 1600” Beasts on No Nation Inside a Page Of The Jungle Book The Life Of Tarzan We Takers Ya Baywatch me Rampage through San Andreas I’m Walking Tall through Jumanji The Next Level Get Smart Outwit The Devil Now you see the Fate Of The Furious “The Game plan is to go Faster” All my Wisdom Teeth Hide Them from Tooth Fairies Now I’m looking down from the Skyscraper/ I Remember my First 50 Dates and Eight Crazy Nights Reign Over Me? “You Airheads going Overboard” “Shakes the Crown” The “Animals loose so call the Zookeepers” Joe dirt wish he could click a week of Bedtime Stories Of The Wedding Crashers and The Wedding Singers” You don’t want to mess with Zohan” Anywhere Jack Reachya Your Eyes Wide Shut Knock knock Here’s Constantine The Day the Earth stood still The Matrix Reloaded
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