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Walking While Reading
I was walking while reading because this had been recommended,... Well,... actually more like required reading while walking, rather than too much blindly reading while passively impassively sitting through Earth-reflective stalking exercises For improving body health and soul wealth, Not that these are really two different things, detached from some primal relationship, but more like... Hmmm... Yang walk and Yin listen, and leftbrain secular dominant and rightbrain sacred prominent harmonic universal-unitarian egalitarian egos and interdependent eco-webbed to play win/win role-plays games jazz improvised walking dances soulfully reading gospel flung while sung meditation opportunities. Meanwhile, and coincidentally, Barbie and Ken are driving south on Route 8, talking about stuff they usually get stuck with talking about and over and occasionally even all the way through each other's emotional intelligence. Talking about things like stocks and bonds. Who stole the food stocks from the kitchen and who is out on bond just now. When suddenly Barbie noticed me: "Look Ken, a guy who can both walk and read and do them coincidentally!" "Well, dear, I can walk and read at the same time, too!" "Yes dear, but would you live to tell of it, here on Route 8, north or south? Walk and read meditation on the State's everyday highway is not as GoldenRule easy as walking through your own backyard while chewing gum. I wonder what he's reading." "Why would that be a question a normal person might think to randomly ask? Do you wonder what every reading person you pass may or may not could or could not should or should not be reading?" "No, Ken, Just the ones who pass me by without wonder or the slightest hint of mutual awe." "But..." "Never mind. Readers while walking are exceptions to my active/passive curiosity rule. Would you like to turn around so I can ask him what he's reading?" "You're serious?" "No, playful and curious." "Does reading while walking appeal to you in some warm and fuzzy sensory way?" "Maybe. Depends on what you're reading." "Should I be feeling threatened right now?" "Only if win/lose feels like a healthy and holonically integral noetic intelligence choice, Ken." "What would choice have to do with feeling threatened or holistically supported? And did those words just come out of my mouth in that order?" "No worries, dear. You can't help your yang leftbrain autonomous-deluded self, but we can together ask him: "Excuse me!... Excuuuuse Meeee...!! "Me?" "Do you see anyone else around?" "Well, this river birch birthed right here, and that crab grass. You would be surprised how many people scream at crabgrass." "No, I wouldn't honey; But probably not anything about 'excuse me, please.' Listen, Ken and I want to know what you're reading." "So, you just drove down Route 8 south, saw me walking while reading, going north, turned around near the cemetery to drive back north to ask me what I'm reading? And people think I'm nuts.... Thich Nhat Hanh, I'm reading his gospel for compassionate walking and wellness reading while listening to sensory-emotive intelligence, through non-violent nutritiously regenerative communication; Which makes him a little difficult to grasp while motorists shout 'Excuse Me!' Which I had hoped was an apology for exhausting our air until another Ken, when I responded 'Namaste, no worries' Said he wasn't talking to me but to another Barbie not regeneratively listening in his patriarchal sports car." Barbie asked me if I could give her a brief unchoreographed review of secular walking while sacred listening to internal left with right co-arising dipolar win/win healthier climate conversations. "I don't think so, and my feet and legs and arms and voice aren't feelin' it at all." So then she and Ken invited themselves to leave their car, or was it a tank? to walk with me while reading aloud. We're still timelessly traveling along alone while reading and listening together; Sometimes advocating against corporate wealth measured in stocks and bonds, and recreatively researching self with other cooperative wealth measured in health on our revolving while sacredly listening EarthWomb Restoring win/win justice while Gaian Goddess feels polyculturing integral ZeroZoned open-systemic musical fractal-octaved spacetime 4D-scaled and structured and instructed bilateral co-passion, Universally timeless yang walking while uniting eternal yin readings advocating democratic climates of health and not so much kleptocratic highway pathology. Later, we were walking together while reading because this had been recommended...
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