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RightBrain Victim Questions
What if we live in and out among and yet autonomously with and sometimes against LeftBrain dominant enculturation? Colonization, predation with ego-logical economic secular outcomes too often predicting compromised long-term health in exchange for conserving an evolutionary win/lose model serving industriously degenerating corporate conglomerate capital expansion of wealth devoid of health care giving and receiving values, LeftBrain predation theologies of WhiteGod's self-righteous might makes historically aggressive colonialism just more business as usual "Bullying boys will be bullying everyone," what else could you win/win ecofeminist respect? LeftBrain education in competitive win/lose evolutionary history and patriarchally dominant enculturation as a divinely inspired Creation Story LeftBrain Paradise and win/lose Rapturously exclusive acrimonious monocultural dogmatic anti-systemic fragmenting degenerative unhealthy theo-unlovely supremacist outcomes, predicting lose/lose eventual outgoes rather than win/win integrity incoming. Climate reparations in praise of Mother Earth sounds incompatible with "To those who have more most will be given by a patriarchal privileged colonizing Creator of exclusive anthro-centric languages and creeds and elitist cultures cynical about democracy's most healthy unspecialized opportunities. AND, I still can also actively love through a rightbrain sacredly engaging multicultural passion for light and passionate heart-throbs and compassionately resilient health and resonant wealth robust therapeutic regenerativity of EarthWombs wherever She has time and placed us Ecologically empowering climate communion commencements toward Paradise, our original EarthVoices praising win/win revolutions advocating resilient freedom of cooperative community ownership with optimal transparent security of stairs and streets, forests and oceans for conserving wealth of healthy waters and mountains throughout all past climate life extinctions. In this noetic intelligence space, those who have less integrity receive more nutritionally robust sensory skills more resonantly and cooperatively received through a matriarchally resilient, democratically win/win communioned eco-covenanted regenerative history of green resilient ecologically eco-empowering co-transactionally cooperative Earth. What if the One great seed of historic love, like light, like passion roots, is known by many healthy multiculturing names? Animus/Anima Mundi, Holonic Nature/Spirit, Kcinewis, CoArising Yang/Yin DiPolarity, Left/Right Polycultural Healthy Wealth Win/Win SpaceTime Regenerative-Affective Enthymematic-Noetic Communication Theory What if the original divine inspiration for humane DNA-scriptured sacramental becoming reborn on Earth is air-borne stardust originally breezed and gusted and flame fired across foggy warm ocean rivers? As sperm later embraced eggs, as privileged egg-white nutrition clings to healthy yellow-wombed yolks, as prescient tombs co-acclimating to incubate healthy bicameral intelligence, ego/eco-temporal heart-oriented, health-wombed. What if Lose/Lose by fighting against and flight away were rethought newly win/win imagined as flight toward and fighting in solidarity with life as opportunity against disengagement from outside nature/spirit Voices and for healthy humanely compassionate re-engagement with MotherEarth? Revolutions of historic matriarchal restorations for active economic and political sensory and sexual raw transparent vulnerable spots becoming deeply emotive nutritional places within affectively effective EarthWombed cooperational slow-sweet leisure time. Stardust breezy memories feeding and lighting oceans of warm sense-nurturing images, wealth watering embodied noetic health for better climate empowering spacetime ZeroZones not not universally open and principled being One yet integrally compassionate rebecoming timeless not not ZeroSum ego/eco Win/Win mutual reparation partners through MotherEarth's global health eco-empowering economy of non-violent co-passionate multiculturally intelligent communication about co-present light and love. What if we live in and out among and yet within, integrity of RightBrain prominent LeftBrain dominant ego/eco co-enculturation? Where health of one is wealth of ZeroSum not not resilient Other hearts with non-violent speaking minds.
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