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UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: L 50 - Tongue-Teasing Epigrams
UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: L (50) - Tongue-Teasers The « early bird catches the worm » only because the worm has not woken up yet. « I don’t love you ! I hated your father ! » - must be the real reason why « Mother F.….r » is so popular a swear-word (correct me if I’m wrong) In the USA. Is being « down and out » just a passing condition of being « broke and depressed » or the more serious predicament of being « technically knocked out » cold on your back ???? « Time and time again » the Church or Temple bells toll to keep the worshipper away by reminding him of the « hidden » trap about to be sprung. The "true believer" follows his own « conditioned reflexes" which don’t wring his conscience. If you grow tired of the wife’s cooking, invite friends to dinner, and they’ll be honour-bound to let you sample theirs. But, if you grow averse to the wife’s jokes in bed, best to invite your enemies to share the conjugal bed. You’ll soon make lots of friends, followed by lots of dinner parties with the promise of delicious post-prandial desserts. Generally, « shooting Stars » shoot themselves while sliding down slippery holly wood or hanging from the holly tree when the agent overlooks the Star for some one more « willing » and younger. The Manager-Trainer who « chucks in the towel » even before the final count-down - despite the protesting affirmations of his « poulain » that he could go yet another dozen rounds - has to be the only humane soul in a sado-masochistic world of « bear-baiting » barbarity where two trained performers batter each other’s brains to the accompaniment of wild screams and yells of blood-thirsty drunks insensitive to broken bleeding noses, caved-in swollen black-eye-sockets, broken ribs and concussion - the image of Muhammad Ali’s delirium tremens palsy ! The « priceless jewel » is almost always a Classical Master’s painting adorning « sfumato » most palatial buildings under high security guard, but a true poet’s words merely string some broken pearly line in the fading memory of a sensitive soul to make him look out into the chirping chastening world ! Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were both illegitimate and both apprenticed to Masters at an early age at their own wilfull asking. Both showed genius at an early age and were the object of much envy from teacher as well as peers. Leonardo kept notes by writing backwards and was ambi-dextrous. He’s remembered for "Mona Lisa » and the « Last Supper » and for his anatomical and mathematical sketches and drawings. Michelangelo was compelled by patrons to paint, instead of working on sculpture which was his forté. Witness « David ». Yet, his paintings imbibed as he painted glorify the "Cistine Chapel". With compass through calculus With scalpel on "stolen » corpses With paint in sfumato colours Thru back-neck-bending calouses With dreams of "winged" opuses Frescoes or burial sculptures Wills of born and made geniuses When Megan was interviewed after the match and was asked to display her now famous « Bolt-like" stance, she obliged and said: « This’s called the s..t-eating grin ! » Now, what would her HAKKA look like on Inauguration Day ! Hers ! This’s in response to Ronald Hull’s comment on my Unquotable Quotes: XLIX in, dated 6/7 July 2019: « According to the French Astrophysicist and philosopher-poet Aurélien BARRAU, b. 19 May 1973, in Paris - a Senior Research Fellow (and Full Professor at the University of Grenoble-Alpes) with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Honorary Member of the Institut Universitaire France, Visiing Professor at Stanford and Princeton, the 2006 Laureate of the Russian Bogoliubov Prize, among others - no scientific theory, apart from - for the moment - Einstein’s Special and General Relativity theories - can be proven to be wholly valid or be taken definitely into account in the overall assessment and calculation of the COSMOS’s underlying functional principles in all its detail be it the Big Bang or Big Crunch or BIG BOUNCE or the behaviour of the BLACK HOLES, etc., (though he somewhat defers to the « String Theory » and the « Multi-Verse » concept, and critiques Einstein’s lack of foresight in the comprehension of the role of « particle physics » in the scheme of things entire. Here is a relevant quote: "Que des génies absolus comme Newton ou Einstein (et d’autres) aient contribué de façon décisive est évidemment indéniable. Mais l’essentiel des progrès est dû à un magnifique effort collectif qui ne relève pas du « est-ce Monsieur A ou Madame B qui a raison ? ». C’est beaucoup plus subtil et intriqué que cela. Nous ne sommes pas dans une arène de « parieurs » qui doivent miser sur le bon cheval. Le meilleurs choix est souvent un contrepoint de propositions qui s’entremêlent. " My translation (take it for what it's worth): "That the great geniuses like NEWTON or EINSTEIN (and others) had contributed in a decisive way (to our knowledge) is undeniably evident. But the essence of progress is due to a laudable collective effort which does not depend on « whether it was Mister A or Madam B who was right ? » It’s much more subtle and involved than that. We are not in an arena of « bettors » who are called upon to bet on the winning horse. The best choice is often the counterpoint of propositions which intertwine. » (c) T. Wignesan - Paris, July 9, 2019
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