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Barefoot in the Bushfires of the Vanities
"Barefoot in the Bushfires of the Vanities" Heat rises slowly to rapture flames licking and teasing Blue Ghostgums to stretch and crack wide open as Fire spreads molten sweet sap bleeding burgundy all over amber gold wild bush honey running freely down the rough wood of tall sombre trees swooning over Black Boys hiding striped bush hornets in their ebony nests stinging their songs in the blown back breeze Bees split the lips of virgin bush and kiss ripe red the softness all over of bristling Bottlebrushes while wrestling their velvet needles Kangaroo Paws touch Bird of Paradise and Golden Trumpets entwined with Devil’s Ivy wrap their legs and arms around an orgy of Embers while the wild pale primrose wanton half-woman half-child races towards Home running barefoot like a future Boyd’s Europa chased by Ochre Crested Cockatoos towards the smokiness of a fire come all cunning Opium inhaled scorched Eucalyptus Redhead matches struck, then thrown nonchalantly and lit she’s at once touched and grounded emitting flying Smoke signals she somersaults her unfurling life like a resplendent rare orchid opening her petals towards his eyes behind dark iris they are ravishing caverns of glow worms and she turns towards the back burn of his powerful command dipping brush in blue to paint her eyes through glass a scene Joy could photograph condensation dripping down the glass window frames She sees herself like a stranger cold and hot humming and then naked seen glistening in reflection of the frame like Narcissus pondering her fate They had breakfast of each other swimming naked in Broken Creek’s water then after seeking shelter without warning down it pours they escape hand in hand barefoot over the summer ground steaming fecund and pungent with desire and a new freedom found he leads she follows later tides will turn each caught up in the other Rain now hits her naked limbs seen fractious in the pounding electric thunderstorm broken by the brook then sweat laden where he kisses her in the neck’s nook, she smells of freshly burnt grass no longer green, singed her scent rises pure golden wattle and pine cones, she tastes sweet like burnt sugar cane and her tongue entwined heady with billy can black tea and whiskey now she is drawn and painted naked and raw open to the world for all to see her vanities shine through the door to another softer world with canvas reclined wantonly on wrinkled leather of a chaise lounge turpentine brush strokes over bare feet and breast oil of titian mixed with brunette locks the length of which reach her pulsing navel mound of Venus, he’s hard like a rock genuflecting to dirt music from a gramophone, worshipping Sunday’s sex, slender fingers and toes like the whispering Reeds in a river the tide’s rising as the supine fires linger and caress outside her silhouette the blushing pinks of sun setting in the west and the blue purple shade of curvaceous mountains rise like the beating of heart in her chest Barefoot in the Bushfires of the Vanities like a painting possessed age of consent meets the artist in another dimension, there is magic pudding and Tucker to digest the artist to conquer and divest, she whisper’s in her moment, come here to me my lusty Faulconbridge and caught in her pent up reverie she forgets the angry penguins Boyd, Nolan and Percival, Hester she was in another time, swallowed by lymphoma’s morphine she’s transformed transported to haunt another gentle revolutionary she’s never really known her life, now she exists out of Real time, unfolds a divinely guided understanding he shows her the painting of who she truly is her art and her time tell a story, morphing colours the why for and the reasons artists and poets rhyme, she now sees for once It’s all connected and life turns on a dime (LadyLabyrinth/2019) At Last - Etta James The Heide Circle: 1. Arthur Boyd 2. Sydney Nolan 3. John Perceval 4. Joy Hester (1) (2) Biography: Joy Hester (3) Joy St Clair Hester (21 August 1920 – 4 December 1960) was an Australian artist. She also wrote poetry and used her drawings to illustrate her words. 5. Albert Tucker 6. Sunday and John Reed (1) (2) (3) Biography: Sunday Reed (John Reed) 7. The Heide Circle (1) (2) 8. Sweeney Reed: The Forgotten Son (1) Faulconbridge, Blue Mountains, NSW 9. Norman Lindsay 10. Redhead Matches
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